In this course catalogue you can find detailed information about each course. Note that not all courses have information in English. For those courses, the Norwegian course information is shown instead.

NB! There may be changes in the course descriptions (including the course literature) and the exam dates before the start of the semester in question. If few students are registered for a course, there may be changes in the lecture and examination types.

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Courses that are taught in English autumn 2018

   Level   Course code   Course name
MasterAVH5010Thesis for Master of Theology:
MasterAVH5035Thesis for Master in Religion, Society and Global Issues:
BachelorEX1022Examen facultatum: Critical Thinking and Academic Writing
MasterHIS5010Theoretical perspectives: The historical study of religion
MasterHIS5020Religious change, exchange and counterchange: A long-term historical perspective
MasterHIS5030Owning and sharing holy matter: texts, artefacts and places
MasterK5410Systematic Theology
MasterNT513The New Testament - Biblical Theology
BachelorRL1011World Religions
BachelorRL1012Introduction to Religious Studies and Hinduism and Buddhism
MasterSAM5110Religion in the Public Sphere
MasterSAM5120Religion, Culture and Global Issues
MasterSAM5130Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation
BachelorTEOL1415Introduction to Systematic Theology
BachelorTEOL1590Practical Theology and Congregational life
BachelorTEOL1591Christian Leadership in Church and Society
BachelorTEOL1611Holistic Mission: Diaconia, Reconciliation, and Cross-cultural Ministry
BachelorTEOL1715Introduction to the Bible
BachelorTEOL1811Digital Media in Ministry and Mission: Practical Project
BachelorTEOL2450Christian Initiation: Faith, Baptism and The Holy Spirit
MasterTEOL5610Changing Mission - Main Issues in Missiology