In this course catalogue you can find detailed information about each course. Note that not all courses have information in English. For those courses, the Norwegian course information is shown instead.

NB! There may be changes in the course descriptions (including the course literature) and the exam dates before the start of the semester in question. If few students are registered for a course, there may be changes in the lecture and examination types.

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Courses that are taught autumn 2018

   Level   Course code   Course name
MasterAVH5010Thesis for Master of Theology:
MasterAVH5020Thesis for Master of Religious Science:
MasterAVH5035Thesis for Master in Religion, Society and Global Issues:
MasterAVH5040Thesis for Master in Christian Education:
MasterAVH505Thesis for Master of Religious Science:
MasterAVH5050Thesis for Teaching degree in KRLE/Religion and Ethics and Social Sciences
MasterAVH5055Thesis for Teaching degree in KRLE/Religion and Ethics and Social Sciences
MasterAVH5060Thesis Programme of Professional Study in Theology:
MasterAVH5065Thesis Programme of Professional Study in Theology:
MasterAVH5070Master's Thesis
MasterAVH5080Thesis for Master in History of Religions:
MasterAVH8010Master thesis
MasterAVH8020Thesis for Master degree:
BachelorBAO2700Bachelor's Thesis
MasterBIB511Theology of the Bible
MasterDIA5110The Theology of Diaconia
MasterDIA5115The Theology of Diaconia with the Emphasis on Liberation Theology
BachelorEX1020Examen facultatum
BachelorEX1022Examen facultatum: Critical Thinking and Academic Writing
BachelorEX1025Examen facultatum, Social Sciences
BachelorFIL2010The Big Questions
MasterFIL5010The Big Questions
MasterHIS5010Theoretical perspectives: The historical study of religion
MasterHIS5020Religious change, exchange and counterchange: A long-term historical perspective
MasterHIS5030Owning and sharing holy matter: texts, artefacts and places
MasterHIS9060Nordic Network for Study of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the First Millennium Excursion Andalusia
BachelorK1010Bible studies
MasterK5410Systematic Theology
BachelorKRLE1030The Bible, Religion and Didactics
BachelorLED2541Leadership and Volunteer Work
MasterMET5010Empirical research methods
MasterNT513The New Testament - Biblical Theology
BachelorPED1030Youth culture and Christian Education
BachelorPED2010Christian Education and Children and Youths
BachelorPHI2110Classical Hebrew
BachelorPHI2310Classical Sanskrit
BachelorPHI2410Classical Sumerian
BachelorPHI2510Classical Arabic
MasterPHI5110Classical Hebrew
MasterPHI5310Classical Sanskrit
MasterPHI5410Classical Sumerian
MasterPHI5510Classical Arabic
MasterPKU501Clinical Pastoral Education I
MasterPKU502Clinical Pastoral Education II
MasterPKU503Clinical Pastoral Education III
BachelorPPU1010Education 1, didactics and practical training
BachelorPRA1001Practical training - teachers programme
BachelorPRA1005Practical training - teachers programme
MasterPT508Congregational Internship
MasterPT509Institutional Internship
BachelorRL1010Religious studies
BachelorRL1011World Religions
BachelorRL1012Introduction to Religious Studies and Hinduism and Buddhism
BachelorRL1015History, world views and education
BachelorRL2030Intermediate Course in Islam
BachelorRL2035Intermediate Course in Islam
BachelorRL2050Christianity: History of Cultures
BachelorRLE2630Christianity and Art - The Old testament
MasterRP501Religion and learning
MasterRV502Advanced Course in Islam
BachelorSAM1030Youth Culture
BachelorSAM1030LYouth Culture
BachelorSAM1070Religion and Society: Norway today
BachelorSAM1515Intercultural Communication
BachelorSAM1525Intercultural Communication - Field Trip
BachelorSAM2040Democracy and Human Rights
MasterSAM5110Religion in the Public Sphere
MasterSAM5120Religion, Culture and Global Issues
MasterSAM5130Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation
MasterTE607Christianity and the history of culture
BachelorTEOL1120Intermediate Biblical Hebrew with Prescribed Texts
BachelorTEOL1210Introduction to New Testament Greek
BachelorTEOL1415Introduction to Systematic Theology
BachelorTEOL1510Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology
BachelorTEOL1540Church in context
BachelorTEOL1590Practical Theology and Congregational life
BachelorTEOL1591Christian Leadership in Church and Society
BachelorTEOL1611Holistic Mission: Diaconia, Reconciliation, and Cross-cultural Ministry
BachelorTEOL1715Introduction to the Bible
BachelorTEOL1811Digital Media in Ministry and Mission: Practical Project
BachelorTEOL2110Old Testament Intermediate Level: Method, Deuteronomy and Deuteronomistic Literature
BachelorTEOL2450Christian Initiation: Faith, Baptism and The Holy Spirit
BachelorTEOL2516Introduction to Practical Theology
BachelorTEOL2542Social Ministry among Youth and Christian Counselling, with Internship
BachelorTEOL2610Mission, Global Christianity and Dialogue of Religion
BachelorTEOL2770The History and Theology of Methodism
MasterTEOL5210New Testament: The Synoptic Gospels: History, Tradition and Narrative.
MasterTEOL5310History of Theology and Modern Norwegian Church History
MasterTEOL5420Ethics and Philosophy of Religion
MasterTEOL5510Pastoral Care with Institutional Internship
MasterTEOL5515Pastoral Care with Institutional Internship
MasterTEOL5580Leadership in the Church and Non-Profit Organizations
MasterTEOL5610Changing Mission - Main Issues in Missiology