In this course catalogue you can find detailed information about each course. Note that not all courses have information in English. For those courses, the Norwegian course information is shown instead.

NB! There may be changes in the course descriptions (including the course literature) and the exam dates before the start of the semester in question. If few students are registered for a course, there may be changes in the lecture and examination types.

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Courses that are taught spring 2019

   Level   Course code   Course name
MasterAVH5010Thesis for Master of Theology:
MasterAVH5015Thesis for Master of Theology:
MasterAVH5020Thesis for Master of Religious Science:
MasterAVH5025Thesis for Master of Religious Science:
MasterAVH5035Thesis for Master in Religion, Society and Global Issues:
MasterAVH5040Thesis for Master in Christian Education:
MasterAVH505Thesis for Master of Religious Science:
MasterAVH5050Thesis for Teaching degree in KRLE/Religion and Ethics and Social Sciences
MasterAVH5055Thesis for Teaching degree in KRLE/Religion and Ethics and Social Sciences
MasterAVH5060Thesis Programme of Professional Study in Theology:
MasterAVH5065Thesis Programme of Professional Study in Theology:
MasterAVH5070Master's Thesis
MasterAVH5080Thesis for Master in History of Religions:
MasterAVH8010Master thesis
MasterAVH8020Thesis for Master degree:
BachelorBAO2700Bachelor's Thesis
MasterBIB511Theology of the Bible
BachelorEX1010Examen philosophicum
BachelorEX1011Examen philosophicum
BachelorFIL2010The Big Questions
MasterFIL5010The Big Questions
MasterHIS5050Encounters: Common Categories and Concepts in Abrahamic religions
MasterHIS5060Conflict and Negotiation: Selected topics
BachelorK1020Bible studies and the history of Christianity
BachelorK1030Christian Faith and Interpretation of Life
BachelorKRLE1040Ethics, Philosophy and Christian Life Interpretation
MasterMET5010Empirical research methods
MasterMET508Research Methodology
MasterMET5115Biblical Method: The Old Testament
MasterMET5215Biblical Method: The New Testament
MasterMET5310Methodology: Texts and History
MasterMET5920Methodology: Practical and Systematic Disciplines
BachelorPED1640Introduction to Youth Ministry
BachelorPED2015Christian Education and Children and Youths
MasterPED5550Theology, Church-Service and Pedagogy of the Church Building
MasterPED5610Education and Ethics
BachelorPHI2120Classical Hebrew 2
BachelorPHI2320Classical Sanscrit 2
BachelorPHI2420Classical Sumerian 2
BachelorPHI2520Classical Arabic 2
MasterPHI5120Classical Hebrew 2
MasterPHI5320Classical Sanskrit 2
MasterPHI5420Classical Sumerian 2
MasterPHI5520Classical Arabic 2
MasterPKU501Clinical Pastoral Education I
MasterPKU502Clinical Pastoral Education II
MasterPKU503Clinical Pastoral Education III
BachelorPPU1020Education 2, didactics of social sciences and practical training
BachelorPRA1002Practical training - teachers programme
BachelorPRA1004Practical training teachers programme
MasterPT508Congregational Internship
BachelorRL1025Religion and Church history
BachelorRL1030Religion and Church history
BachelorRL2040Intermediate Course in Eastern Religions
BachelorRL2613Sacred Rooms and Aesthetics of Religions
MasterRL5020Mediated religion, Sacred texts, literature, popular media
MasterRL5040Eastern religions
MasterRV502Advanced Course in Islam
BachelorSAM1040The Welfare State and Citizenship
BachelorSAM1040LThe Welfare State and Citizenship
BachelorSAM1050International Relations
BachelorSAM1050LInternational Relations
BachelorSAM1060The Multicultural Norway
BachelorSAM1060LThe Multicultural Norway
BachelorSAM1210Introduction to the Social Sciences
BachelorSAM2510Intercultural Communication II
MasterSAM5144Religion and Human Rights
MasterSAM5148Ethics and Global Issues
MasterSAM5150Religion, Identity and Populism
MasterSAM5152Myanmar Intensive Course
MasterST525Philosophical and Theological Hermeneutics
BachelorTEOL1110Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
BachelorTEOL1220Intermediate New Testament Greek with selected Texts
BachelorTEOL1410Introduction to the History of Christianity
BachelorTEOL1812Digital Media in Ministry and Mission: Blogging
BachelorTEOL2210New Testament Intermediate Level: Method, Context, Gospel of John and the Theology of Paul
BachelorTEOL2310History of Theology
BachelorTEOL2410Lutheran Theology in Contemporary Perspective
BachelorTEOL2510Practical theology 2: Congregational internship. Liturgics.
BachelorTEOL2540Homiletics and Liturgy, with Internship
BachelorTEOL2544Bachelor Thesis
BachelorTEOL2546Youth and Church
BachelorTEOL2640Church in the World: Denominations and Ecumenism
BachelorTEOL2715Bible 2: Old Testament, New Testament and Biblical Theology
BachelorTEOL2725Methods and Tools for Biblical Interpretation
BachelorTEOL2735Biblical Exegesis
BachelorTEOL2740Intermediate Studies in Cultural Analysis: Theology and Popular Culture
BachelorTEOL2771The History and Theology of Methodism II
MasterTEOL5115The Old Testament: Writings
MasterTEOL52151 Corinthians and The Book of Revelation
MasterTEOL5410Revelation, Trinity and Incarnation
MasterTEOL5510Pastoral Care with Institutional Internship
MasterTEOL5515Pastoral Care with Institutional Internship
MasterTEOL5520Pastoral Internship and Liturgical Training
MasterTEOL5530Practical Theological Seminary
MasterTEOL5570Christian Spirituality in Dialogue with Contemporary Trends
MasterTEOL5640Theology and Church in the South
MasterTEOL5649Global Pentecostalism in a Multi-Religious Society
MasterTEOL5710Between Text and Sermon: Theology, Hermeneutics and Rhetoric theological perspectives on preaching
MasterTEOL5770The history and theology of Methodism
MasterTEOL6110Advanced Hebrew Language
MasterTEOL6512Continuing education in Pastoral Care
MasterTEOL6733The Resurrection of Jesus - Texts - Interpretation - Hermeneutics
MasterTEOL8541Supervision of pastoral practice supervisors