Church Offering to MF

Thank you to all of the congregations that support MF through their offerings!

Since MF is a private educational institution, the Government support we receive is much lower than what public institutions receive. We are therefore dependent upon collecting 5 - 6 million Norwegian kroner per year to sustain the quality of our academic programmes. Church offerings are very important for us to be able to raise this amount.

Suggested announcement in connection with an offering collected for the Norwegian School of Theology:

Our thanksgiving offering today goes to the Norwegian School of Theology (MF). MF educates priests, catechists, deacons, youth workers and teachers in RLE. Many missionaries and workers in Christian organisation have also studied at MF.

Today there are more than 1100 students at MF. Several of these have chosen to study theology; most with the goal towards a future ministry as priests in the Church of Norway. There is currently also a large group of students who are studying to become youth workers through the programme Youth, Culture and Faith. MF will provide these students with a solid education and a thorough preparation to their church ministry.

MF needs both our church's prayers and donations to be able to give young adults a full education that meets the needs of the church in the future. Assuredly, there will be a need for more priests, catechists, youth workers and deacons in the church in years to come. MF desires to take this challenge seriously. We therefore highly recommend this thanksgiving offering.

Suggested prayer during a church service:

Loving God! We pray for the Norwegian School of Theology (MF) and thank you for everything that MF means in church and society. Let MF continue to be a good institution where people can be equipped for ministry. Give the students and employees insight in faith and love for God and man.

We pray that you continue to call new people to studies and ministry, so that Your commission can be continued in faithfulness and prudence.

This we pray, our God and Father!