Karl Olav Sandnes, dr. theol.


New Testament

Special fields:

  • The New Testament, Paul, Jesus, ancient paideia and Homer

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Office: 342


My research is on the New Testament with focus on Paul and Jesus. The reception of early Christian texts and the Christian preaching within an ancient setting is a major interest of my research.

Latest academic publications

  • Sandnes, K. O. (2021). Mimesis and criticism. New Studies in Textual Interplay, s. 55 - 67. Bloomsbury T&T Clark. ISBN: 978-0-5676-7897-3
  • Sandnes, K. O. & Henriksen, J.-O. (2020). Resurrection : Texts and Interpretation, Experience and Theology. Pickwick Publications. ISBN: 9781532695872
  • Sandnes, K. O. (2019). Ancient Debates on Jesus as Miracle Worker : Emic and Etic Perspectives. Healing and Exorcism in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity, s. 197 - 218. Mohr Siebeck. ISBN: 978-3-16-158937-9
  • Sandnes, K. O. (2018). Households and the Exodus : A Note on Infant Baptism in the Early Church. The Church and Its Mission in the New Testament and Early Christianity : Essays in Memory of Hans Kvalbein, s. 261 - 278. Mohr Siebeck. ISBN: 978-3-16-155909-9
  • Sandnes, K. O. (2018). Paul Perceived : an Interactionist Perspective on Paul and the Law. Mohr Siebeck. ISBN: 978-3-16-156101-6
  • Henriksen, J.-O. & Sandnes, K. O. (2018). The Vulnerable Human and the Absent God : the Stories about Gethsemane as a Possible Source for Theological Anthropology. Kerygma und Dogma, 64(3), s. 163 - 177. ISSN: 0023-0707
  • Sandnes, K. O. (2017). Luther, Galaterbrevet og moderne Paulus-forskning. Teologisk Tidsskrift, 6(1), s. 7 - 24. ISSN: 1893-0263
  • Sandnes, K. O. (2017). Paul, an Isaianic prophet?. Studies in Isaiah: History, Theology, and Reception, s. 139 - 156. T&T Clark. ISBN: 9780567667175
  • Sandnes, K. O. (2017). Justification and Abraham: Exegesis of Romans 4. God's Power for Salvation : Romans 1,1-5,11, s. 147 - 181. Peeters Publishers. ISBN: 978-90-429-3534-1
  • Sandnes, K. O. (2017). Jesus' Last Meal According to Mark and Matthew : Comparison and Interpretation. The Eucharist – Its Origins and Contexts. Sacred Meal, Communal Meal, Table Fellowship in Late Antiquity, Early Judaism, and Early Christianity, s. 453 - 475. Mohr Siebeck. ISBN: 978-3-16-153918-3

Education and professional practice

1978Cand. theol. MF
1979Kandidatstipendiat MF
1980Praktisk teol. eksamen MF
1980Ordinert Oslo Domkirke
1981 - 1984Vitenskapelig ass. MF
1982Feltpresttjeneste Lahaugmoen.
1984 - 1991Forskningsstipendiat og førsteamanuensis Misjonshøyskolen
1985Studieopphold i Tübingen.
1988Dr. theol. Oslo Universitet
1991 - 1993Gjesteprof.ved LTS, Hong Kong
1994 - presentProfessor MF, tilknyttet avdeling for kristendomsskunnskap