Collage with portrait of Ute Hüsken and picture from a ritual in a Hindu temple.

The relationship between religious texts and lived religion is central to Ute Hüsken's research. In her next planned project, she will open up new opportunities for research in this intersection.

A brown-haired white woman wearing glasses.

Ute Hüsken is the 2021 MF CASR Global Fellow. Professor Hüsken, who is the head of the Department of Cultural and Religious History of South Asia at the University of Heidelberg, will spend a month at the center.

She will present her work at the brown bag seminar, Tuesday 7 September.

Professor Hüsken is the first fellow to be elected in the Global Fellows program.


As of 1 August, 2021, MF CASR has new leadership: Professor Liv Ingeborg Lied and Dr. Esther Brownsmith.

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A new Nordic Network for Theology, Philosophy and Politics

egypt dig

MF Prof. Victor Ghica Reveals the Finds of his dig at Tall Ğanūb Qaṣr al-‘Ağūz


MF CASR has welcomed three new Research Fellows for the Fall of 2020


INTERSECT is hosting a series of webinars featuring invited speakers on topics related to their core theme.

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By popular demand, MF CASR lunches will carry on virtually.

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In compliance with MF's precautions regarding COVID-19, all MF CASR Lunches are cancelled until further notice.

Brent Nongbri and manuscript

– How should we deal with manuscripts and other artefacts that appear on the antiquities market without archaeological provenance, asks professor Brent Nongbri.