johnny cash album cover- the holy land

Shalom Goldman Visits MF CASR

Tuesday, 7 May, MF CASR welcomes Shalom Goldman for a special lecture on American Christianity, Zionism and Popular Culture.

Shalom Goldman is a Professor of Religion at Middlebury College.  His newest book, Starstruck in the Promised Land: How the Arts Shaped American Passions about Israel, is set to be released 1 September, 2019.  MF CASR is excited to host this special lecture, and get a sneak peak into this new work.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, U.S. governments of both parties , and the majority of the American electorate, have supported  Israel and its policies. The reasons for this support  are multi-faceted and complex . In this talk, Goldman will describe and analyze many of these reasons, with an emphasis on the religious and cultural factors. Pop stars, as much as politicians, are part of this American -Israeli 'romance.'  Stars to be discussed include Frank Sinatra, John and June Carter Cash, Ray Charles, Madonna, and Whitney Houston.

Whether you're interested in the ways that musical stars shape culture, the American fascination with Israel, or you just can't get enough of Johnny Cash, join us on 7 May at 14:15-16:00 in Auditorium 3.