Prof. Elizabeth Shakman Hurd: 2019 MF CASR Annual Lecture

We are extremely happy to announce that Prof. Elizabeth Shakman Hurd will give the 2019 MF CASR Annual Lecture. 


06.09.2019 - 18:00

The topic for Prof. Shakman Hurd’s address is “Reconfigurations of Religion and International Relations”.  For decades religion was considered irrelevant to global politics and policy. Today this has changed. There has been a shift away from the idea that religion is private, internal and irrelevant to global governance toward a new way of thinking about religion and politics on the international stage. Religion is now seen as a public good, an agent of transformation, a source of morality and community, as well as an engine of intolerance and violence. In this talk, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd considers the implications of this shift for both religion and politics, and explores the alternatives.

About the presenter:

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd is Professor of Politics and Religious Studies at Northwestern University, US. She studies the politics of religion in international relations and is writing a book on religion and politics on the border. Recent public writings include The Border President and Does Religious Freedom Favor Some Religions over Others? For interviews on recent work see here or here. On why she wrote Beyond Religious Freedom see here. Hurd co-directs a Faculty Research Group on Global Politics and Religion, Politics of Religion at Home and Abroad and Talking Religion: Publics, Politics and the Media. She co-curates the Teaching Law and Religion Case Archive.

Place: Litteraturhuset

Time: Friday 6th of September 2019, 18:00-20:00. More information will follow.

About the MF CASR Annual Lecture:

The MF CASR Annual Lecture invites distinguished academics to reflect upon current trends in the academic study of religion, including both historical and contemporary perspectives. It takes place in September each year.