santa maria maggiore, rome

Photo Credit: Sible de Blaauw

MF CASR Guest Lecture with Sible de Blaauw

An Archaeological Discovery and a Problem of Early Christian Architectural History: The Case of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome


29.05.2019 - 14:15 to 16:00

Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome is one of the best preserved great church basilicas of Late Antiquity and counts as an ideal example of Early Christian architecture. The only part of the original fabric that has disappeared – to make way for a medieval rebuilding - is the zone of the apse. The question of its original shape, however, is of crucial importance for our understanding of Early Christian building typologies. Architectural historians have disagreed on this issue since the nineteenth century, despite new archaeological evidence in recent decades. In this talk, de Blaauw will discuss this fascinating site against the background of art historical methodology, historiographical traditions and, above all, of our own historical imagination.

Prof. dr. Sible de Blaauw is Krautheimer-Gastprofessor at the Biblioteca Herziana in Rome. His research focuses on the interaction between architecture and liturgy, and the city of Rome as historical palimpsest.

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