Mailing Address

MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society
P.O.Box. 5144, Majorstuen
N-0302 OSLO

For phone numbers, click on the boxes on the bottom of this page for the department you want to contact. If you are not sure which department you need to call, the switchboard can put you in contact with the person responsible for any questions you may have.

Visiting Address

MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society
Gydasvei 4, Majorstuen
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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday:   8:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 9:00 - 16:00



Monday - Friday:   8:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 9:00 - 17:00
The student card central is open Thursdays:   13:00 - 14:30

T: 22 59 05 20
F: 22 59 05 30

Student Reception

Telephone: +47 22 59 06 24


International Relations Office

International advisor/Head of International Relations Office
Karoline Oftedal

International student assistant

Press Contact

Telephone:+47 22 59 05 50

Library and Learning Center

Telephone: +47 22 59 05 20

Research Programmes

PhD Coordinator: Nils Aksel Røsæg 
Telephone: +47 22 59 05 53


Student Advisors

Contact information for student advisors here



Modern society demands lifelong learning, dialogue and networking. And that applies to both alumni and faculty. Contact with our alumni is very important to ensure that MF lives up to its goals. As a former student, you can communicate what we stand for in the community through your experience. In addition, through MF Alumni, you can bring back the insights and relevance you gain in society in a unique way.

As part of our alumni network, you will receive information about relevant programmes and courses within continuing education. In the lectures, your work experience comes into dialogue with well-qualified teachers. This is valuable both for you and for us.

At you can follow our activities and get information about current publications, courses and conferences.

Through Lys og Liv magazine you can receive invitations and information about current events that are open to MF Alumni.  (The magazine is only in Norwegian.) You can also keep yourself updated on relevant disciplines and research fields. The magazine contains both academic and social updates from MF. It is free, and it is also available in an electronic version on

MF invites you to Open Day with interesting lectures, debates and activities every year. An exciting event for all in the alumni network! And it is a great opportunity to learn what is happening on the research front.

Do you have the desire to meet your former fellow students again to mark an anniversary? We are happy to help you with the practical arrangements, such as mailing lists and invitations. We may also contact a professor or teacher if you want them to be part of the gathering. Please feel free to contact us! (See contact information below)

MF Alumni on Facebook works as a meeting place where new contacts are made and the old ones are maintained. Through this network, you can keep in touch with your fellow students and keep up with what's happening.

All MF alumni, national and international, are welcome to join the network.

Please contact us if you have any question related to the alumni activities.

Press room

Press room

The three pillars of MF’s activities are education, research, and dissemination. A goal of the Quality Reform has been to increase the higher education institutions’ overall relevance to society

"Dissemination is a part of a university’s orcollege’s social mission; and next to education, research and development, dissemination is often referred to as the third assignment. Institutions shall provide information about their activities, and spread understanding scientific and artistic methods and results, in public administration, culture, and the private sector. Institutions will also help to spread and disseminate the results of research and academic and artistic development work, contribute to innovation and formation of values, and facilitate the institution's staff and students’ participation in public debate.

The target groups of the institutions’ dissemination activities are the other disciplines, cultural, work and economic live as well as the public. "(Report no. 7 (2007-2008), Chap. 6.3.1)

MF in the Media

MF in the Media

MF staff and students are constantly engaged and interviewed in various types of media. MF use a service called Opoint which extracts relevant online articles concerning MF as institution, or articles which contain interviews with staff and students. We also publish some selected articles from printed media and links to audio files. You can find all of that here.

Press contacts

Press contacts

Rector Prof. Vidar L. Haanes
T: 901 64 889 / 22 59 05 40

Lena Skattum Sandvik
Communication Leader, assisting with press contacts and arrangements.
T 22 59 05 52 / 951 69 076

Hilde Arnesen
Communication Advisor, assisting with press contacts and arrangements.
T 22 59 05 85 / 452 61 716

Academic questions
For questions and comments, contact our staff directly using the directory.

Logo and pictures

Logo and pictures

If you need other visual material to illustrate your presentation about MF, please contact