A Cand.Theol or a Master’s degree within a relevant subject area is necessary in order to get admission. In addition all applicants have to submit a good project description for a PhD thesis, the scheduled time-frame of completion and how to finance the studies.  

A PhD in Norway normally takes 3 years full time/ 6 years part time (180 ECTS). The assessment will be a trial lecture and a public defense of the PhD thesis.

Application form:
Use this form when applying for PhD studies



We have ongoing doctoral degree work in the following disciplines:
The Old Testament, the New Testament, Church and Cultural History, Systematic Theology, Ecumenism, Ethics, Practical Theology, Diakonia, Religious Education, Science of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Psychology of Religion, Social Sciences, Missiology.

The Ph.D. at MF is governed by Regulations to the Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) at MF (pdf) according to standard recommended by the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions.

MF Norwegian School of Theology offers Doctoral Programmes (PhD) in:

  • Theology
  • Religious Education / Religious Studies

A PhD in Norway normally takes 3 years full-time/ 6 years-part time (180 ECTS).

Admission requirements
In order to be admitted to MF’s Doctoral Program, the applicant must have completed a five year master’s program in Theology, Religious Studies, Religious Education or its equivalent.

Does MF offer financial assistance to international students?
MF does not offer any scholarships. All international students must arrive in Oslo with adequate funding to pay for student fees, registration fees, accommodation and other living expenses. Apart from a relatively small student fee/ registration fee there is no tuition fee to study at MF.

The application for admission to the doctoral programme shall contain:

  • A project proposal for the thesis
  • A detailed plan for completion of the project, including interim deadlines, etc.
  • An account of project funding
  • An account of the need for academic supervision and the name(s) of proposed supervisor(s)
  • Any relevant plans for extended stays at other research institutions
  • A plan for publication/dissemination of results
  • Documentation of educational background that qualifies for admission

PhD-coordinator: Dr.Theol. Nils Aksel Røsæg
P: +47 22 59 05 53

Research School


The Research School Religion, Values and Society (RVS) focuses on religion, society, and values, and highlights the interaction among the different components in its field of specialty.

The Research School Authoritative Texts and their Reception: National Research School in Textual Interpretation (ATTR) is for Ph.D. students who work with authoritative texts and their interpretation as well as their reception history.

Research School

These two research schools are:

  • Religion, Values, and Society (RVS)
  • Authoritative Texts and Their Reception (ATTR)

In 2009, MF established a new network research school together with a variety of academic institutions which  maintain research in the field of Religion, Values, and Society (RVS). Currently, there are 11 institutions participating in this research endeavour - both national and international academic institutions.

From 2015 onwards, MF is also co-owner of another research school that focuses on authoritative texts and their interpretation as well as their reception history (ATTR). The Norwegian universities within humanities, theology, religious studies, and law are also part of this research school. From 2015, both research schools (RVS and ATTR) have the support from The Research Council of Norway (NFR).

The Research Schools:

  • Strengthen the institutions’ opportunities for their PhD students.
  • Ensures a better use of resources in the field.

These research schools have their own websites, where you will find an overview of upcoming courses and registration forms: RVS website - ATTR website.

Contacts at MF:


Geir Afdal, Supervisor. E-mail:


Liv Ingeborg Lied, Board Member. E-mail:


Ongoing Doctoral Projects

stipendiater MF

Ongoing Doctoral Projects

The Old Testament

Steinar Skarpnes
Working title of project: "Hezekiah - The Making of a Hero in Judean Memory".
Start project period: fall 2018
Supervisor: professor dr. Kristin Joachimsen

Hans Olav Mørk
Project Theme: "Why does the LXX translate ha almah in Is 7,14TM with hæ parthenos? And exegetical, literary and translation study based investigation into the meaning and function of the term ha almah in Is 7,14TM and of its equivalent Greek term hæ parthenos in Is 7,14LXX." 
Project Start Year: 2011
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Kristin Joachimsen, MF and Professor Dr. Gard Granerød, MF

The New Testament

Maran Ji Ra
Working title of project: "Pauline Metaphorical Language of Slavery and Feedom in the Light of Stoic Philosophy".
Start project period: fall 2019
Supervisors: professor dr. Karl Olav Sandnes.​

Per Kristian Sætre
Working title of project: "Salomo mellom linjene: Meininger minnet om Salomo skaper i Matteusevangeliet"
[Memories and Meanings of Solomon in the Gospel of Matthew]
Start project period: fall 2016
Supervisor: professor dr. Karl Olav Sandnes, MF (main), postdoc Wally Cirafesi, MF (co).

Cato Gulaker
Project Theme:: "Satan. The heavenly adversary of man. A study on the reception of the Satan tradition in the Book of Revelation ".
Project Start Year: 2014. 
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Reidar Hvalvik, MF. 

Torunn Osnes 
Project Theme: "Towards the goal. Completion in Philippians."
Project Start Year: 2009
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Liv Ingeborg Lied, MF

Church and Culture History (KH) - Ancient Church, Middle Ages, Reformation, Modern Times

Laura-Marie Mork
Working title of project: "Religion and/or politics? The political communication in Early Modern Sweden under the reign of Gustav Vasa (1520-1560)".
Start project period: fall 2018
Supervisor: professor dr. Otfried Czaika

Jesse Ophoff
Working title of project: "Understanding the Gospel in the Late Antique West"
Start project period: fall 2018
Supervisor: professor dr. Kristin B. Aavitsland, MF (main); professor Reidar Aasgaard (co).

Jostein Garcia de Presno
Working title of project: "Et tempel av hjerter: Hans Nielsen Hauges vennesamfunn og det nye Jerusalem."
Start project period: spring 2018
Supervisor: Professor dr. Kristin B. Aavitsland     

Brandt C. Klawitter
Working title of project: "Did the Early Lutherans Like Babies? - Luther, Procreation and 16th Century Lutheran Germany"
Start project period: fall 2016
Supervisor: professor dr. Otfried Czaika, MF.​ Co-supervisor: postdoc Joar Haga, MF.​

Line Bonde
Project Theme: "Visions of Divinity: Material Romanesque conceptions of Jerusalem in Scandinavian church interiors"
Project Start Year: 2015
Supervisors: Professor Dr. Kristin B. Aavitsland, MF (main supervisor), Dr. Martin Wangsgaard Jürgensen, University of Copenhagen (co-supervisor)

Harald H. Torgersen
Project Theme: "For heim, skole og kirke: Bjarne Hareide - kirkelig entreprenør og strateg."
Project Start Year: 2012
Supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Theol. Kristin Norseth, MF

Systematic Theology (ST) - Dogmatics, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion

Jo Bertil R. Værnesbranden
Working title of project: "Language as Metaphor for Faith: A study of Luther's rerum metaphora and Derrida's archi-écriture".
Start project period: fall 2018
Supervisor: professor dr. Asle Eikrem

Van Hmung
Working title of project: “Religious Conversion Law and Its Implication for Buddhist-Christian Relationship in Myanmar: Christian Response and Ecumenical Perspective”.
Start project period: fall 2017
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Sturla Stålsett, MF. Co-supervisor: ​Associate professor dr. Iselin Frydenlund, MF.

John Daniel Lannemy Andersen
Working title of project: "Hvordan bør vi forstå efaringens rolle som kilde for teologien? En kritisk drøfting av Wolfhart Pannenbergs, Alister McGraths og Amos Youngs forståelse av forholdet mellom teologi og erfaring".
[How to understand the role of experience as a source for theology?]
Start project period: fall 2017
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Atle Søvik.​

Emil B. Nielsen
Working title of project: "Kristen apologetik mellem fundamentisme og nonfundamentisme. En undersøgelse af den kristne apologetiks væsen i lyset af nutidige epistemologiske positioner."
Start project period: spring 2017.
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Atle Søvik, MF; co-supervisor: associate professor dr. Jeppe Bach-Nikolajsen, MF.

Maria Ledstam
Project Theme: "Kristna etiska perspektiv på arbete ock ekonomi".
Project Start Year: 2015.
Supervisors: Professor Dr. Svein Olaf Thorbjørnsen and Professor Dr. Geir Afdal

Kenneth Ellefsen
Project Theme: "En dåp i to former? Luthersk dåpsteologi i møte med baptistisk dåpsteologi i Skandinavia i etterkrigstiden”.
Project Start Year: 2013
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Theol. Harald Hegstad, MF
Co-supervisor: Professor Dr. Terje Hegertun, MF

Gunhild Maria Hugdal
Project Theme: "Kvinners reproduktive selvbestemmelse - utfordringer for kristen, feministisk etikk."
Project Start Year: 2013
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Theol. Gunnar Heiene, MF (main); Professor Dr. Trine Anker, MF (co)

Johannes Hvaal Solberg
Project Theme: "The structures of theological reflection on postmodern contexts. The understanding of aesthetical cognition in the works of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Jean-Luc Marion." 
Project Start Year: 2010
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Theol. & Dr. Philos. Jan-Olav Henriksen, MF

Hilde Marie Øgreid
Project Theme: "Mellom skapelse og frelse. En drøfting av samtidige formuleringer av læren om den forutgående nåde, med særlig vekt på problemet om hvorvidt denne nåden i seg selv gir frelse."
Project Start Year: 2010
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Theol. & Dr. Philos. Jan-Olav Henriksen, MF

Åse Margrethe Berger Cameron
Project Theme: "Syndens betydning for menneskets moralske erkjennelse i Luthers teologi."
Project Start Year: 1999
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Theol. & Dr. Philos. Jan-Olav Henriksen, MF

Tron Fagermoen
Project Theme: "Kirke - Fellesskap - Etisk praksis: En drøfting av kirkens etiske praksis i relasjon til to aktuelle ekklesiologiske modeller".
Project Start Year: 2002
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Theol. & Dr. Philos. Jan-Olav Henriksen, MF

Practical Theology (PT) - with sociology of religion

Diana Osk Oskarsdottir
e-mail: and/or
Working title of project: "I am always me, myself, even though I am a pastor". The pastor's wellbeing and self-image as being supervised by the Church.
Start project period: fall 2017
Supervisor: Associate professor dr. Tone Stangeland Kaufman 

Felicity K. Kiaira
Working title of project: "Healing and reconciliation of female rape victims within the Church in Kenya"
Start project period: spring 2017
Supervisor: dr. Solvor M. Lauritzen, MF; Professor Dr. Jan-Olav Henriksen, MF

Steinunn Arnthrudur Bjørnsdottir
Working title of project: "Process of changes in the ELCI in 1984-2014 and its effect on pastors."
Start project period: spring 2016
Supervisor: professor dr. Harald Hegstad, MF. Co-supervisor: professor Hjalti Hugasson, Reykjavik. 

Maria Stensvold Ånonsen
Project Theme: "En kvalitativ undersøkelse av voldutsatte ungdommers fortellinger om tro og religion".
Project Start Year: 2015.
Supervisors: Dr. Carolina Øverlien (main); Professor Dr. Jan-Olav Henriksen, MF (co). 

Ane Inger Bondahl Søberg
Project Theme: "Hvordan ivaretas eksistensielle tema i samtaler med personer med selvmordsrisiko i spesialisthelsetjenesten - med særlig fokus på sykehuspresters rolle?"
Project Start Year: 2015.
Supervisors: Professor Dr. Lars Johan Danbolt, MF (main supervisor); Postdoc. Torgeir Sørensen, MF (co-supervisor)

Vegard Holm
Project Theme: "Retreat in change - experienced by the lived body".
Project Start Year: 2015.
Supervisors: Professor Dr. Jan-Olav Henriksen (main supervisor); Professor Dr. Leif Gunnar Engedal (co-supervisor).

Linn Sæbø Rystad
Project Theme: "How do children create meaning in preaching?"
Project Start Year: 2015.
Supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Tone Stangeland Kaufman.

Einar Eidsaa Edland
Project Theme: "Identitet og gudsbilde i narrativ - en hermeneutisk-narrativ analyse av livs- og trosfortellinger".
Project Start Year: 2013.
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Theol. and Philos. Jan-Olav Henriksen, MF; and Dr. Anne Austad, VID.

Sunniva Gylver 
e-mail:, or
Project Theme: "Bånd og broer - en studie av forestillinger om folkekirkefellesskapet, (blant konfirmanter, foreldre, frivillige og prester) i to folkekirkemenigheter."
Project Start Year: 2013.
Supervisor: Dr. Tone Stangeland Kaufman, MF; Professor Dr. Harald Hegstad, MF. 

Missiology (MV)

Dawit Olika Terfassa
Project Theme: "The Growth of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY): An Empirical and Theological Analysis."
Project Start Year: 2014
Supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Roar Fotland, MF
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Lars L. Iversen, MF

Lloyd Nyrota 
Project Theme: "The mission of healing and reconciliation and the message of Christian Church leadership in response to the Zimbabwe political conflict in the years 2000-2012." 
Project Start Year: 2013
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Kjetil Fretheim
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Roar Fotland

Psychology of Religion (RPSY)

Trine-Lise Jansen
Working title of project: "Moralsk stress i psykiatrisk sykepleie".
[Moral stress in psychatric nursing]
Start project period: fall 2017
Supervisors: professor dr. Lars Johan Danbolt, MF (project leader); professor dr. Ingrid Hanssen, LDH (main); associate professor dr. Marit Helene Hem, VID (co-supervisor).​

Daniel Prause
Working title of project: "Åndelig og eksistensiell omsorg til personer med ervervet døvblindhet"
[Spiritual and existential care for persons with acquired deafblindness]
Start project period: spring 2018
Supervisors: professor dr. Lars Johan Danbolt, MF (project leader); associate professor dr. Kirsten Tornøe (main supervisor), LDH; professor em. dr. Venke Sørlie, LDH (co-supervisor).

Harald Nygaard
Working title of project: "Everyone's pastor, no one's friend. En religionspykologisk undersøkelse av eksistensiell ensomhet hos pastorer i frikirkelige menigheter"
[A religio-psychological investigation of existential loneliness in pastors in free-church congregations]
Start project period: fall 2016
Supervisor: professor dr. Geir Afdal, MF

Kjersti Olstad
Working title of project: "Kulturformuleringsintervjuet i barne- og ungdomspsykiatrien (KFI i BUP)".
[Evaluation and Efficacy study for using the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) in psychiatric outpatient clinics for children and adolescents (BUP)]
Start project period: fall 2018
Supervisors: professor dr. Lars Johan Danbolt, MF (project leader); dr. Sigrid Helene Kjørven Haug, Religionspsykologisk senter, Sykehuset Innlandet HF (main);
professor dr. Valerie de Marinis, Uppsala University (co-supervisor).​

Gunn-Ingrid Ulstein
Project Theme: "Metaforer, Følelser og Mening: En kvalitativ studie av metaforers betydning for meningsdannelse gjennom affektintegrering"
Project Start Year: 2015
Supervisors: Professor Dr. Lars Johan Danbolt, MF (main supervisor); Associate Professor Dr. Gry Stålsett (co-supervisor)

Ingvild Engh Vattø
Project Theme: "Lavterskeltibud til mennesker i krise. En studie av innringere og frivillige ved Kirkens SOS hjelpetelefon."
Project Start Year: 2014
Supervisor: Adjunct Professor Dr. Lars Johan Danbolt, MF
Assistant supervisor: Professor Dr. Lars Lien, SIL

Kari Halstensen
Project Theme: "Bilder og bånd. En klinisk studie av endringer i menneskers forhold til seg selv, til hverande og til gud gjennom et terapiforløp."
Project Start Year: Fall 2010
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Philos. Leif Gunnar Engedal, MF
Co-supervisor: Docent Dr. Pehr Granqvist, University of Stockholm

Hege Kristin Ringnes 
e-mail: eller 
Project Theme: "Living a life in the truth: Theological foundations and psychological implications of being a Jehova's witness." 
Project Start Year: 2010
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Theol. Harald Hegstad, MF
Co-supervisors: Professor Dr. Lars Johan Danbolt, MF; Associate Professor Dr. Gry Stålsett, MF

Religious Education (RP)

Peter Sven Henrik Nykvist
Working title of project: "The Green Leap Forward: The Creation of Environmental Citizenship in Chinese High Schools”.
Start project period: fall 2018
Supervisor: Associate professor dr. Marielle Stigum Gleiss

Lina Engelstad Snoek
Working title of project: "Hvordan forhandles kunnskaps-og holdningsmål i religionsfaget i videregående skole?"
Start project period: fall 2017
Supervisor: Professor dr. Trine Anker, MF

Emil Sætra
Working title of project: "Kontroversielle spørsmål i samfunnsfag- og religionsundervisningen"
[Controversial Issues in Education within the Areas of Society and Religion]
Start project period: fall 2016
Supervisor: Associate professor dr. Janicke Heldal Stray, MF.

Inge Andersland
Project Theme: "The understanding of the position of education in religion, world views and ethics in the school system."
Project Start Year: 2014
Supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Janicke Heldal Stray, MF
Co-supervisor: Prof Emeritus Dr. Peder Gravem, MF

Ragnhild Fauske 
Project Theme: "Den åndelege dimensjonen i barnehagen: Kommunikasjon om religion og eksistens."
Project Start Year: 2013
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Heid Leganger-Krogstad, MF
Co-supervisor: Professor Liv Gjems, Volda University College

Religious Studies (RV)

Bushra Ishaq
Working title of project: "Bioethical convictions, political belonging and religious practices – a study among Muslim women in Norway"
Start project period: spring 2018
Supervisor: professor dr. Jan Helge Solbakk (main), and professor dr. Lars Johan Danbolt (project-leader MF).

Andreas Melson Gregersen
Working title of project: "Hvordan gøre Gud med ting?"
Start project period: fall 2017
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Geir Afdal, MF (main); Associate professor dr. Tone Stangeland Kaufman, MF (co)

Kristin Skarning Eriksson
Project Theme: "Constructing Religion: The Role and Recognition in the Public Sphere"
Project Start Year: 2015
Supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Lars Laird Iversen (main), Professor Dr. Liv Ingeborg Lied (co).

Audun Toft
Project Theme: "Islam i klasserommet. En casestudie rettet mot bruken av mediefremstillinger av islam i videregående skole"
Project Start Year: 2015
Supervisor: Professor Dr. Liv Ingeborg Lied, MF

Completed Doctorate Degrees

phd MF 2017

Completed Doctorate Degrees

See a list of all the doctorate degrees that have been awarded at MF:

110. Hildegunn Valen Kleive
Disputation 10.05.19. Thesis: "Not that religious: A study of young Tamil religiosity in north-western Norway". Associate professor dr. Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger, Aarhus (1) and professor dr. Øivind Fuglerud, Oslo (2). Postdoc dr. Gina Lende chair of the committee. 

109. Håkon Sunde Pedersen
Disputation 11.01.19. Thesis: "The Retributive and Suffering God of the Book of Jeremiah: A Study of YHWH’s ʻĀzab-Complaints." Senior Lecturer dr. Else Kragelund Holt, Aarhus (1), and Senior Lecturer dr. David Reimer, Edinburgh/St.Andrews (2). Professor dr. Gard Granerød chair of the committee.

108. Burkhard Kunkel
Disputation 23.11.18. Thesis: "Mitteldinge: Lutherische Kirchen mit ihren Ausstattungen des 16. Jahrhunderts – eine Geschichte der materiellen Kultur." Professor dr. Krista Kodres, Tallinn (1), and professor dr. Sabine Hiebsch, Kampen (2). Professor dr. Otfried Czaika chair of the committee.

107. Klaus Vibe
Disputation 03.09.18. Thesis: "The Spirit of Faith: A Comparative Study of Philo’s and Paul’s Reading of the Abraham Story". Professor dr. John M.G. Barclay, Durham (1), and professor dr. Gitte Buch-Hansen, Copenhagen (2). Professor dr. Karl Olav Sandnes chair of the committee.

106. Andrew Ratanya Mukaria
Disputation 12.06.18. Thesis: "Towards Constructive Ecotheology: The Mau Forest Complex and the Response of the Church." Dr. Ben Knighton, Oxford (1) and professor dr. Mika Vähäkangas, Lund (2). Professor dr. Marion Grau, chair of the committee.

105. Daniela Lucia Rapisarda
Disputation 08.05.18. Thesis: ”Theology of Inculturation and Liberation In the People to People Peacemaking Process in Southern Sudan (1997-2002).” Professor dr. Kajsa Ahlstrand, Uppsala (1), and professor dr. Peter Lodberg, Aarhus (2). Professor dr. Marion Grau, chair of the committee

104. Johan Lövgren
Disputation 04.05.18. Thesis: ”The Reflective Community: Learning processes in Norwegian folk high schools”. Professor dr. Anne Line Wittek, Oslo (1) and professor dr. Staffan Larsson, Linköping (2). Professor dr. Claudia Lenz, chair of the committee.

103. Per Kristian Aschim
Disputation 20.04.18. Thesis: ”Herskende religion i den kristelige stat: Den statsteoretiske diskursen om religion og stat med henblikk på norsk religionspolitikk i 1840-årene”.  Professor dr. Lisbet Christoffersen, Roskilde (1) and professor dr. Ingunn Folkestad Breistein, Kristansand (2). Dr. John Kaufman, chair of the committee.

102. Matthew P. Monger
Disputation 05.03.18. Thesis: "4Q216: Rethinking Jubilees in the First Century BCE". Trial Lecture: "An account and evaluation of one or all of the mss that used to be labelled 'Pseudo-Jubilees'. How do they (re-)shape thinking about Hebrew Jubilees, and possibly other texts?" Professor dr. Loren T. Stuckenbruck, München (1) and professor dr. Charlotte Hempel, Birmingham (2). Professor dr. Kristin Joachimsen, chair of the committee.

101. Christine Henriksen Aarflot
Disputation 02.03.18. Thesis: ”God (in) Acts: A Narrative Analysis of the Characterization of God through God’s Actions in the Acts of the Apostles". Trial Lecture: "The Descent and Ascent of the Son in John's Gospel". Professor dr. Matthew L. Skinner, St. Paul (1) and professor dr. Loveday Alexander, Sheffield (2). Professor dr. Reidar Hvalvik, chair of the committee.

100. Nils Hallvard Korsvoll
Disputation 18.12.17. Thesis: ”Reconsidering ‘Christian’: Context and Categorisation in the Study of Syriac Amulets and Incantation Bowls”​. Trial Lecture: "Perspectives on the Development  of Christianity in Mesopotamia in the fifth and sixth century".​ Professor Dr. David Frankfurter, Boston (1) and Professor Dr. Erica C.D. Hunter, London (2). Professor Dr. Kristin Bliksrud Aavitsland​, chair of the committee.

99. Hilde Lausund
Disputation 11.12.17. Thesis: Contracted Care: An Ethnographic Study of Home Care Nursing in Norway. Trial lecture: Discuss the clinical and organizational implications of conceptualizing the provision of home care nursing services as negotiated contracted care. Associate professor dr. Christine Ceci, Alberta (1) and professor dr. Marit Kirkevold, Oslo (2). Professor dr. Gunnar Heiene, chair of the committee.

98. Kristina Berg Torskenæs
Disputation 1.12.17. Thesis: ”The Spiritual Dimension in Nursing: A Mixed Method Study on Patients and Health Professionals”. Trial lecture: The concept of spirituality - a critical analysis of its use in modern health research literature. Professor Dr. Niels Christian Hvidt, Odense (1) and Assistant Professor Dr. Cecilia Melder, Uppsala (2). Professor em. dr. Leif Gunnar Engedal, chair of the committee.

97. Fredrik Saxegaard
Disputation 25.09.17. Thesis: ”Realizing church: Parish pastors as contributors to leadership in congregations.” Trial lecture: Why is an academic education necessary to lead a Christian congregation? Professor Dr. Kati Tervo-Niemelä, Helsinki (1)
and Professor Dr. Henk de Roest, Groeningen (2). Professor dr. Lars Johan Danbolt, chair of the committee.

96. Harald Aarbakke 
Disputation 15.06.17. Thesis: The importance of Being the Eldest Brother and Its Relevance for New Testament Christology. Trial lecture: Hvilken relevans har nytestamentlig kristologi for teologisk refleksjon i vår tid? Committee: Professor Dr. Reidar Aasgaard, Oslo (1) and Associate Professor Dr. Anna Rebecca Solevåg, Stavanger (2). Professor Dr. Karl Olav Sandnes, chair of the committee.

95. Kirsten Tornøe
Disputation 05.05.17. Thesis: The Challenge of Consolation: A qualitative study of nurses’ experiences with practicing and teaching spiritual and existential care for the dying.Trial lecture: Spiritual competence and nursing skills needed in institutional care for the dying in contemporary multi-religious Norway. Committee: Professor Dr. John Swinton, University of Aberdeen (1), professor dr. Astrid Norberg, Umeå University (2). Associate Professor Dr. Gry Stålsett, chair of the committee.

94. Ingunn Aadland
Disputation 19.12.16. Thesis: Seek and Find. A Rereading of 4QSapiental Work (4Q185). Trial lecture: Prayer in Jewish Literature from the Late Third Century BCE to the Turn of the Era. Committee: Research fellow dr. Jutta Jokiranta, Helsinki (1) and professor dr. Torleif Elgvin, Oslo (2). Professor dr. Gard Granerød, chair of the committee.

93. Dorcas Kanana Muketha
Disputation 23.11.16. Thesis: Ameru Women’s Spirituality: Negotiation of Spiritual Practices among Methodist and Pentecostal Church Christian women in Igembe Constituency.  Trial lecture:​ Health, suffering and healing. A systematic-theological reflection with special reference to an African cultural context. Committee: Professor dr. Jesse Mugambi, Nairobi (1) and Associate Professor dr. Kari Storstein Haug, Stavanger (2). Professor em. dr. Leif Gunnar Engedal​, chair of the Committe.

92. Robert Lilleaasen
​Disputation 30.09.16. Thesis: "Old Paths and New Ways: A Case Study of the Negotiation between Tradition and the Quest for Relevance in Two Worship practices." Trial lecture: Norwegian religiosity in a postmodern age, changes and challenges. Committee: Opponents Professor Dr. Martin Stringer, Swansea University (1) and Professor Dr. Bernice Sundkvist, Åbo Academy University (2). Professor Dr. Pete Ward​, chair of the Committee. 

91. Frida Austvoll Nome
Disputation 10.06.16. Thesis: "Making Islam in times of crisis: The Friday sermon and the Syrian uprising." Trial lecture: Islam in times of war: An analysis of two scholarly sermons/statements from the later stages of the Syrian conflict​. Commitee: Opponents university lecturer dr. Thomas Pierret, University of Edinburgh (1) and professor dr. Susanne Olsson, University of Stockholm (2). Professor dr. Kjetil Fretheim, chair of the Committee.

90. Harald Askeland
Disputation 04.03.16. Thesis: ”Hverdagsledelse: Diakoni, verdier og ledelse i praksis". Trial lecture: Hvilke særegne kjennetegn har trosbaserte velferdsprodusenter innenfor helse-/sosialsektoren? Hvilke troselementer i slike organisasjoner samsvarer med involverte profesjoners verdier, og hvilke står i motsetning til dem? Hvordan ser de framtidige mulighetene ut for trosbaserte helsetiltak i slike organisasjoners regi?​  Committee: Opponents Professor Dr. Bengt Kristensson Uggla, Åbo/Uppsala (1)​ and Professor Dr. Rebecka Arman, Göteborg (2). Professor II Dr. Håkon W. Lorentzen, Chair of the Committee.

89. Silje Kvamme Bjørndal
Disputation 17.12.15. Thesis: "The Church in a Secular Age: A Pneumatological Reconstruction of Stanley Hauerwas’ Ecclesiology". Trial lecture: "Sacramental Practices in a Secular Age". Committee: Opponents Professor Dr. Amos Yong, Fuller Theological Seminary (1) and Professor Dr. Ulla Schmidt, Aarhus Universitet (2). Professor Dr. Jan-Olav Henriksen, Chair of the Committee.

88. Eskil Skjeldal
Disputation 15.12.15. Thesis: "Ethics and the Creator of Love and Trust: A Comparative and Constructive Reading of the Theological Dimensions in the Ethics of Knud E. Løgstrup and Søren Aa. Kierkegaard”. Trial lecture: "Drøft gudsriketankens betydning for kristen etikk". Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Pia Søltoft, København (1) and Professor Dr. Svein Aage Christoffersen, Oslo (2). Professor Dr. Gunnar Heiene, Chair of the Committee.

87. Sigrid Helene Kjørven Haug
​Disputation 16.10.15. Thesis:”The illness experiences of older people with incurable cancer in specialized palliative health care contexts. A qualitative study in clinical psychology of religion of the interactions between daily living and existential meaning–making.” Trial lecture: "Relationship and differences between religious, spiritual, and existential care. Possible individual-, cultural- and time sensitive interventions​." Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. James W. Jones, Rutgers University, second opponent Professor Niels Christian Hvidt, Universitetet i sør-Danmark. Professor Gry Stålsett, Chair of the Committee.

86. Marianne Rodriguez Nygaard
Disputation 09.10.15. Thesis: ”Caring to know or knowing to care? Knowledge Creation and Care in Deacons’ Professional Practice in the Church of Norway." Trial lecture: "Reflective Practice of Diakonia from the Margins: Professional and Ecclesiological Implications". ​​Committee: Opponents Professor Dr. Mary Elizabeth Moore, Boston (1) og Professor Dr. Hans Stifoss-Hanssen, Oslo (2). Professor Dr. Kjetil Fretheim, Chair of the Committee.

85. Ingvild Røsok ​
Disputation 25.09.15. Thesis: "The Reality of Love: A Critical and Constructive Analysis of Karl Rahner’s Theology of Love." Trial lecture: "Kirken som kjærlighetens institusjon". Committee: Opponents Professor Dr. Werner Jeanrond, Oxford (1) and Docent Karin Johannesson, Uppsala (2). Professor Dr. Terje Hegertun, Chair of the Committee.

84. Morten Holmqvist
​Disputation 12.06.15. Thesis: "Learning Religion in Confirmation: Mediating the Material Logics of Religion. An ethnographic case study of religious learning in confirmation within the church of Norway.​" Trial lecture: "Youth, culture and Christianity. How young people's lived religion are changing churches in Europe." Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Hubertus Roebben, Dortmund,  Second Opponent Dr. Kerstin von Brömssen, Gøteborg og Karlstad. Professor Dr. Lars Laird Iversen, Chair of the Committee.

83. Hilde Brekke Møller
​Disputation 13.05.15. Thesis: "The Vermes Quest: The Significance of Geza Vermes for Jesus Research." Trial lecture: "The Passion Predictions and the Historical Jesus." Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Helen Bond, Edinburgh, Second Opponent Professor Dr. Craig A. Evans, Acadia, Nova Scotia. Professor Dr. Karl Olav Sandnes, Chair of the Committee.

82. Gina Lende
​Disputation 13.03.15. Thesis: "Sound Scholarship and Moral Responsibility: Current Dilemmas in Research on Religion and Politics in Conflict-Ridden Contexts". Trial lecture: "The Rise of Pentecostal Power: Exploring the politics of Pentecostal growth in Nigeria and Guatemala". Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Kajsa Ahlstrand, Upppsala and Professor Dr. Torkel Brekke, Oslo. Professor Dr. Sturla Stålsett, Chair of the Committee.

81. Kristin Graff-Kallevåg 
Disputation 27.02.15. Thesis: "The Triune God and Baptism: An Analysis and Discussion of the Relationship between the Trinity and Baptism in the Theology of Robert W. Jenson and Catherine M. LaCugna". Trial lecture: "Children of God? Dogmatic reflections on the soteriological status of unbaptized children". Committee: First Opponent Professor Marit Trelstad, Tacoma, WA  ​, Second Opponent Professor Dr. Markus Mühling, Lüneburg. Professor Dr.Harald Hegstad, Chair of the Committee.

80. Kim Larsen
Disputation 06.02.15. Thesis: "Transformasjon som overgivelse – en analyse av Wilfrid Stinissenskarmelittiske spiritualitet". Trial lecture: "Spiritualitet og teologi i den karmelittiske tradisjonen.​" Committee: First Opponent Professor Gösta Hallonsten, Lund ​, Second Opponent Professor Dr. Henny Fiskå Hägg, Kristiansand​. Professor Dr.  Tone Stangeland Kaufman, Chair of the Committee.

79. Anne Austad
​Disputation 16.01.15. Thesis: ”Passing Away – Passing by: A Qualitative Study of Experiences and Meaning Making of Post Death Presence”. Trial lecture: "In what way can theology contribute to the psychological investigation of anomalous experiences?" Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Hetty Zock, Groningen, second opponent Dr.  Peter la Cour, Gudhjem. Professor Dr. Jan-Olav Henriksen, Chair of the Committee.

78. Ingrid Christine Reite
​Disputation 16.12.14. Thesis: ”Between Settling and Unsettling in a Changing Knowledge Society: The Professional Learning Trajectories of Pastors”. Trial lecture: “What are the educational challenges within the Church of Norway and how can these be met?" Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Jan Nespor, Columbus, OH, Second Opponent Dr. Jonas Ideström, Uppsala. Professor Dr. Trine Anker, MF, Chair of the Committee.

77. Gunnar Innerdal
Disputation 15.12.14. Thesis: ”Spirit and Truth: A Systematic Reconstruction of Hans von Balthasar’sDoctrine of the Spirit of Truth and its Connections to the Philosophy and Theology of Truth by the Theoretical Framework of Lorenz B. Puntel”. Trial lecture: “The Eucharist in the context of the Trinity:Epiclesis and ecumenism."​ Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Karen E. Kilby, Durham, Second Opponent ProfessorDr. Eugene Rogers, North Carolina, Professor Terje Hegertun, MF, Chair of the Committee.

76. Ole Jakob Filtvedt
Disputation 13.06.2014. Thesis: ”The Identity of Israel and the Paradox of Hebrews”. Trial lecture: "The Identity of 'God's Israel' (Gal 6:16) in the letter to the Galatians." Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Larry Hurtado, Edinburgh, Second Opponent Docent Dr. Mikael Tellbe, Örebro, and Associate Professor Dr. Geir Otto Holmås, MF, Chair of the Committee.

75. Ole Kolbjørn Kjørven
Disputation 23.05.2014. Thesis: "RE Teachers' Religious Literacy: A Qualitative Analysis of RE Teachers' Interpretations of the Biblical Narrative The Prodigal Son". Trial lecture: "Literature and biblical hermeneutics: Opportunities and challenges at the intersection of text theories and analytical methods from various traditions." Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Frank A. Rogers jr., Claremont, Second Opponent Associate Professor Dr. Astri Ramsfjell, Trondheim, and Professor Dr. Sverre Dag Mogstad, MF, Chair of the Committee.

74. Svein E. Sando
Disputation 09.05.2014. Thesis: "Barn, IKT og etikk. En studie i digital etisk dannelse, med norske barnehager som case." Trial lecture: ”Makt- og kjønnsperspektiver på bruk av IKT i barnehagen.” Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Svend Andersen, Aarhus, Second Opponent Professor Dr. Helje Kringlebotn Sødal, Kristiansand, and Professor Dr. Kjetil Fretheim, MF, Chair of the Committee.

73. Kaberia Isaac Kubai
Disputation 23.08.2013. Thesis: ”Just Reconciliation: The Church’s Response to Ethno-Political Violence in Kenya.”  Trial lecture: "The role of the church in just reconciliation processes in the aftermath of ethno-political violence. - An international comparative perspective." Committee: First Opponent Professor Dr. Martha Frederiks, Utrecht, Second Opponent Associate Professor Dr. Terje Mesel, Kristiansand, and Associate Professor Dr. Roar Fotland, MF, Chair of the Committee.

72.  Raymond Lillevik
Disputation 16.08.2013. Thesis: ”Apostates, Hybrids, or True Jews? Jewish Christian and Jewish Identity in Eastern Europe 1860-1914.” Trial lecture: ”Kristologi og torah-overholdelse blant messianske jøder i dag - en lesning av Richard Harvey: Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology.” Committee: Dr. Kai Kjær-Hansen, Lystrup, Danmark, Second Opponent Professor Dr. Torstein Jørgensen, Stavanger, and Associate Professor Dr. Kristin Norseth, MF, Chair of the Committee.

71. Roald Iversen
Disputas  fredag 26.04.2013. Avhandlingen "Barmhjertighet og frigjøring. Sjelesorg som kritisk hermeneutisk praksis. Refleksjoner i grenselandet mellom teologi og filosofi". Prøveforelesning over oppgitt emne: "Hva kan den praktiserende sjelesørger lære av nyere empiriske undersøkelser om religion og tro i Norge?". Førsteopponent universitetslektor Hans Raun Iversen, København. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Paul Leer-Salvesen, Kristiansand. Professor Dr. Gunnar Heiene er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

70. Torgeir Sørensen
Disputas 30.11.2012. Avhandlingen ”Epidemological studies of religious behaviours and health in the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT 3), Norway”. Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Resultater av empirisk forskning på religion og folkehelse: Implikasjoner for teologi og sjelesorg". Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Valerie DeMarinis, Uppsala. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Vinjar M. Fønnebø, Tromsø. Professor Dr. Hans Stifoss-Hanssen er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

69. Oddgeir Synnes
Disputas 31.05-01.06.2012. Avhandlingen "Forteljing som identitetskonstruksjon ved alvorleg sjukdom: Ein hermeneutisk analyse av alvorleg sjuke og døyande sine forteljingar". Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Drøft kva for rolle kulturelt funderte narrative konvensjonar spelar i utforminga av personlege livsforteljingar".Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Narrativ empati: Bob Dylan som historieforteljar i møte med lidande menneske". Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Per Koren Solvang, Oslo. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Karin Sporre, Umeå. Professor Dr. Leif Gunnar Engedal er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

68. Reidar Salvesen
Disputas 24.05-25.05.2012. Avhandling "The Problem with the Problem of Death: A systematic theological study of the phenomenon of death with special reference to Arthur Robert Peacocke and Ted Peters". Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Biblical and modern scientific cosmologies: hermeneutical reflections". Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "The relation between a scientific eschatology and a theological eschatology with special reference to the resurrection". Førsteopponent Professor Dr. J. Wentzel van Hyussteen, Princeton. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Niels Henrik Gregersen, København. Professor Dr. Svein Olaf Thorbjørnsen er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

67. Bård Eirik Hallesby Norheim
Disputas 22.03-23.03.2012. Avhandling "Practicing Baptism: A theological Investigation of the Presence of Christ in Christian Practices in the Context of Youth Ministry." Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Baptism as a paradigm for Youth Ministry in Norway." Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Towards a theological anthropology for leading change in the congregation." Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Chris Scharen, St.Paul. Andreopponent senior lecturer Dr. Pete Ward, London. Professor Dr. Svein Olaf Thorbjørnsen er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

66. Trine Anker
Disputas 19.12-20.12.2011. Avhandling ”Respect and Disrespect: Social Practices in a Norwegian Multicultural School.” Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Teaching respect in multicultural Norwegian schools and in teacher education: Educational frontiers beyond tolerance." Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Reading against culture: Anthropological readings of literature in an intercultural perspective." Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Mary Elizabeth Moore, Boston. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Kåre Fuglseth, Bodø. Professor Dr. Sverre Dag Mogstad er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

65. Espen Schjetne
Disputas 08.12-09.12.2011. Avhandling ”Autonomi og sosial kompetanse. Moraloppdragelse i den offentlige grunnskolens seksual- og samlivsundervisning”. Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Hvilken plass og rolle bør deskripsjon ha i religionspedagogikken som normativt fagfelt?". Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Å forstå egen praksis og å kritisere andres teori. Karakter- og holdningsdannelse på Vang barneskole". Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Elisabet Haakedal, Kristiansand. Andreopponent førsteamanuensis Dr. Jon Magne Vestøl, Oslo. Professor Dr. Heid Leganger-Krogstad er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

64. Asle Eikrem
Disputas 01.12-02.12.2011. Avhandling ”Ontology and Religious Discourses: The ontological conditions of religious discourses reconstructed in connection with philosophical perspectives provided by Dewey Z. Phillips, Erica Appelros and Paul Ricoeur.” Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Religionsfilosofi som filosofisk og teologisk disiplin". Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Det er barmhjertighet jeg vil ha, ikke offer: En utforskning av nye retninger innen soteriologien". Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Eberhard Herrmann, Uppsala. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Svend Andersen, København. Professor Dr. Peder Gravem er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen. 

63. Tor Torbjørnsen
Disputas 10.11-11.11.2011. Avhandling ”Gud hjelpe meg! Religiøs mestring hos pasienter med Hodgkins sykdom. En empirisk, religionspsykologisk studie”. Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Drøft hvilken verdi teorier om religiøs mestring kan ha i møte med utfordringer i kirkelig praksis". Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Sundén og Pargament – religiøse roller og religiøs mestring". Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Nils G. Holm, Åbo. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Pål Repstad, Kristiansand. Professor Dr. Leif Gunnar Engedal er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

62. Tone Stangeland Kaufman
Disputas 03.11-04.11.2011. Avhandling "A New Old Spirituality? A Qualitative Study of Clergy Spirituality in the Church of Norway." Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Toward Retrieving an Imago Dei Spirituality: Ignatian and Lutheran Perspectives." Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "A Spirituality for Pilgrims? Subjectivization and Retraditionalization in the Norwegian CrossRoad (Korsvei) Movement." Førsteopponent Associate Professor Dr. Lisa E. Dahill, Columbus, Ohio. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Svein Rise, Bergen. Professor Dr. Geir Afdal er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

61. Ragnar Andersen
Disputas 20.10-21.10.2011. Avhandling ”Concordia Ecclesiae. En undersøkelse av spenning og sammenheng i Philipp Melanchtons teologi og innsats for kirkelig enhet, særlig i 1527-1530”. Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne:"Det ekklesiologiske grunnlaget for Den augsburgske bekjennelsen som økumenisk dokument". Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Hvilken plass og betydning har Elihus taler i Jobs bok?" Førsteopponent Docent Dr. Leif Erikson, Åbo. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Oddvar Johan Jensen, Bergen. Professor Dr. Kjell Olav Sannes er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

60. Joar Haga
Disputas 31.3-1.4.2011. Avhandling ”Was there a Lutheran metaphysics? The interpretation of communicatio idiomatum in Early Modern Lutheranism.” Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Christology and anthropology. The understanding of man by Luther and in the Renaissance." Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Lex manens? Some problems in the interpretation of the law in Early Modern Protestantism". Førsteopponent Privatdozent Dr. Günter Frank, Bretten. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Oddvar J. Jensen, Bergen. Førsteamanuensis Jan H. Schumacher er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

59. Jeppe Bach Nikolajsen
Disputas 9.-10.12.2010. Avhandling ”Redefining the Identity of the Church: A Constructive Study of the Post-Christendom Theologies of Lesslie Newbigin and John Howard Yoder”. Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Missional folk church? A discussion of Hans Raun Iversen's understanding of the Danish folk church as a missional church." Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Missio Christi: Toward a Missional Christology?" Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Darrell Guder, Princeton. Andreopponent Professor Dr.Theol. Kjell Nordstokke, Diakonhjemmet høgskole. Professor Dr.Theol. Harald Hegstad er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

58. Jørn Varhaug
Disputas 3.-4.11.2010. Avhandling ”Reapplication of Cultic Language in Psalms 22, 23, and 24.”Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "The Spoken Word in Conjunction with Other Rituals at the Temple in Jerusalem". Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Why the God-Sons-Episode in Genesis 6:1-4 is Plausible as Motivation for the Deluge". Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Marianne Grohmann, Wien Universität. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Marc Z. Brettler, Brandeis University. Førsteamanuensis Dr.Theol. Hanne Løland er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

57. Helene Lund
Disputas 7.-8.10.2010. Avhandling ”Conflicting Ecclesiologies. Exploring the Ecclesiological Discourse in the Special Commission on Orthodox Participation in the World Council of Churches from 1998 to 2002”. Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "The Church as Koinonia. The contribution to the ecclesiological reflection of the WCC from the 5th World Conference of Faith and Order, Santiago de Compostela, 1993."Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne:"The idea of 'just war' in the Russian Orthodox Church at the beginning of the 3rd millennium." Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Risto Saarinen, Helsinki. Andreopponent gen. sekr. Dr.Theol. Olav Fykse Tveit, Geneve. Professor Dr.Theol. Gunnar Heiene er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

56. Gudmund Waaler
Disputas 16.-17.6.2010. Avhandling ”Nattverden som offer. En komparativ systematisk analyse av synet på det eukaristiske offer hos Carl Fr. Wisløff, Regin Prenter og Gustaf Aulén.” Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Kirken som sosialt og sakramentalt fellesskap". Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Ny liturgi – luthersk eller økumenisk?"Førsteopponent  Professor Dr. Kirsten Busch Nielsen. København. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Svein Rise, Bergen. Professor Dr.Theol.  Harald Hegstad er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

55. Irene Tvedt Wangen
Disputas 19.-20.5.2010. Avhandling ”Sex, Sin and Stigma. The Challenge of HIV and AIDS-Realated Stigmatisation to the Understanding of Sin, the Human Being and Christian Sexual Ethics.”Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Christus Salvator - ethical implications of salvation as healing and salvation as atonement." Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Divided by love and war? Ethics and church between norm and situation." Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Denise M. Ackermann, Stellenbosh. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Kajsa Ahlstrand, Uppsala. Professor Dr.Theol. Svein Olaf Thorbjørnsen er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

54. Merethe Roos
Disputas 7.-8.4.10. Avhandling: "post Struensee. En undersøkelse av praxis pietatis i St. Petri menighet i København 1772-1793, med utgangspunkt i Balthasar Münters forfatterskap".  Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne:"Balthasar Münters forfatterskap i lys av utviklingen av en borgerlig offentlighet i Danmark-Norge på 1700-tallet. En teksthistorisk drøfting". Prøveforelesningen selvvalgt emne: "De omstandigheten by de te rechtstelling der Grave Johann FriedrichStruensee in Denemarken". ”The interest of Balthasar Münter and Johann Friedrich Struensee in Dutch publicity January - April 1772." Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Kjell Lars Berge, Oslo. Andreopponent akademiforskare Dr. Anna Cullhed, Uppsala. Professor Dr.Theol. Gunnar Heiene er tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

53. Terje Hegertun
Disputas 16.-17.12.09. Avhandling: ”Det brodersind som pinseaanden nødvendigvis maa føde”. Analyse av økumeniske posisjoner i norsk pinsebevegelse med henblikk på utviklingen av en pentekostal økumenikk og fornyelse av økumeniske arbeidsformer. Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Mellom historie og dogmer. Metodespørsmål i systematisk teologi". Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Bridge over troubled water? Refleksjoner omkring dåpsteologi og økumenikk i lys av Limadokumentets pkt IV-13."Førsteopponent generalsekretær Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, Oslo. Andreopponent førsteamanuensis Dr. Ingunn Folkestad Breistein, Kristiansand. Professor Dr. Tormod Engelsviken var tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

52. Atle Ottesen Søvik
Disputas 14.-15.12.09. Avhandling: "The Problem of Evil and the Power of God: On the Coherence and Authenticity of some Christian Theodicies with Different Understandings of God’s Power." Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Hva er religionsfilosofi?" Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Hvilke premisser bør ligge til grunn for at det skal bli god religionskritikk?" Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Nils Gilje, Bergen. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Mikael Stenmark, Uppsala. Professor Dr.philos. Peder Gravem var tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

51. Lars Råmunddal
Disputas 10.-11.12.09. Avhandling: "Konsept og endring: En kvalitativ studie av hvordan lokale ekklesiologier formes gjennom initierte endringsprosesser i to norske menigheter". Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Muligheter og utfordringer prinsipielt og praktisk mellom empiriske og eksplisitt normative vitenskaper". Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: ”'Åndskamp' som teologisk problem og utfordring for kirken. Noen praktisk-teologiske refleksjoner inspirert av siste tiårs misjonsfaglige behandling av tematikken’. Førsteopponent Professor Dr. Harald Askeland, Oslo. Andreopponent førsteamanuensis Dr. Hans Austnaberg, Stavanger. Førsteamanuensis Dr. Roar Fotland var tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

50. Karl Inge Tangen
Disputas 7.-8.12.09. Avhandling: “Ecclesial identification beyond transactional individualism? A case study of life strategies in growing late modern churches.” Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: ”A discussion of the relation between empirical studies and normative theology, with regard to the question: In what ways is the doctrine of sin part of Ecclesiology?” Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: “The feast as an ecclesial image in the late modern context – A theological exploration.” Førsteopponent Professor Dr. William K. Kay, Bangor, Wales. Andreopponent Professor Dr. Jan Inge Jenssen, Kristiansand. Professor Dr. Jan-Olav Henriksen var tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

49. Heid Leganger-Krogstad
Disputas 12.- 13.11.09. Avhandling: ”The Religious Dimension of Intercultural Education. Contributions to a Contextual Understanding.” Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: ”Different approaches to religious education in a pluralistic context.” Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: “Snow hotels and ice churches in Northern Scandinavia as metaphorical expressions.” Første opponent: Professor Robert Jackson, University of Warrick/Professor II ved Det Europeiske Wergelandssenteret. Andre opponent: førsteamanuensis Sidsel Lied ved Høgskolen i Hedmark. Professor Sverre D. Mogstad var internt tredje medlem i komiteen.

48. John Kaufman
Disputas: 15.- 16.06.09. Avhandling Becoming Divine, Becoming Human: Deification Themes in Irenaeus of Lyons. Prøveforelesning oppgitt emne: "Irenaeus on the Formation of the Canon." Prøveforelesning selvvalgt emne: "Diverging Trajectories or Emerging Mainstream?. Unity and Diversity in Second Century Christianity."Første opponent Professor Dr. Frances M. Young, England. Andre opponent universitetslektor Dr. Anders-Christian Jacobsen, Aarhus. Professor Dr. Theol. Reidar Hvalvik var tredje medlem i bedømmelseskomiteen.

- Download the list here (Avlagte doktorgrader fra 1991-2008)

Research Committee for Ph.D.

Research Committee for Ph.D.

The Research Committee for PhD is responsible for the academic and pedagogical facilitation of the institution’s Ph.D. programmes. This means that the research committee is responsible for admission into the doctoral programme, and for preparing suggestions for programme plans. The research committee will further comment on supervision and teaching on the Ph.D. level and make decisions in matters concerning recognition and exemptions.

The research committee also has their attention directed towards internationalisation, recruiting, quality assurance, evaluation and completion of Ph.D candidates.