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MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society

About MF

With three departments (the Department of Theology, the Department of Religious Education and Pedagogical Studies, and the Department of Religion and Society), MF educates scholars, teachers, ministers, and other professionals at the undergraduate and graduate level for leadership and service both nationally and internationally.

Mission Statement:

MF strives to continually grow as a leading school of theology through research in line with the highest standards of international excellence, the application and dissemination of knowledge, and the pursuit of quality education in an environment of freedom, credibility, and ecumenical cooperation, devoted to the personal growth and formation of students.


Vidar Haanes, Kjetil Fretheim, Beate Pettersen, Hilde Brekke Møller, Gunstein Sandvik


The management team consists of:

Professor Dr. Vidar L. Haanes
E-mail: vidar.l.haanes@mf.no
Phone: +47 22 59 05 40

Professor Dr. Kjetil Fretheim
E-mail: kjetil.fretheim@mf.no 
Phone: +47 22 59 06 25

Cand. Jur. Beate Pettersen
E-mail: beate.pettersen@mf.no
Phone: +47 22 59 05 55

Director of Academic Affairs
PhD Hilde Brekke Møller
Phone: +47 22 59 05 00

Director of Finance
MBA Gunstein Sandvik
E-mail: gunstein.sandvik@mf.no
Phone: +47 22 59 06 44

The Board

The Board

Members of The Board as of January 1 2019:

External members:
Jan Olav Olsen (Chairman 2018-2020)
Elise Sandnes (Deputy)
Ole Martin Grevstad
Camilla Osnes
Marta Axner Ims
​Internal members:
Kristin Bliksrud Aavitsland
Gina Lende
Erling Birkedal
Hildegun Hennum Høeg
​Student members:
Johanne Norum Hansen
Mia Cecilie Welten


Deputy Members:

External deputy members:
Wenche Fladen Nervold
​Kristian Øgaard
Gunnar Rein Olsen
​Internal deputy members:​
Claudia Lenz
Maria Ledstam
Hilde Sjo Førre
​​Student deputy members:​
Birgitte Kessel
Tom Toshio Kagge



Department of Theology and Ministry

Chair:  John W. Kaufman
Vice Chair: Astrid Sandsmark
Fredrik Saxegaard
Tron Fagermoen
Mona G. Bø
Erlend Woldseth
Students: Simon Eikill-Moen and Matilde Opsahl

First Deputy: Matthew Monger
Second Deputy: Kristin Graff-Kallevåg
Student Deputies: Birgitte Kessel and Tobias Wang

Department of Education, Religion and Society

Chair: Roar G. Fotland
Vice Chair: Hanne Birgitte Sødal Tveito
Trine Anker
Lars Åsmund Laird Iversen
Marthe Bogen
Berit Widerøe Hillestad
Students: Lina-Viktoria Hovden Standal and Mathias Stenerud

First deputy: Lars Kåre Grimsby
Second deputy: Emil Sætra
Student Deputies: Birgitte Kessel and Mia Cecilie Welten


Student Satisfaction

Student Satisfaction

MF students are engaged and committed to making student life as fulfilling as possible.  Everybody has a chance to help improve the school because students are democratically represented in every governing body within MF, as well as bodies that represent students nationally in Norway.  The NAUTILUS Survey confirms that MF students are more satisfied overall than students from other institutions, both in social environment and academics.

E-mail addresses:
Student Council: sr@stud.mf.no 
Environment Committee: mu@stud.mf.no 
Young Theology: ut@stud.mf.no



The survey provides an overall national representation of how students evaluate different aspects of their educational institution. The survey is conducted by the NIFU STEP institute.

 Survey results reveal that the faculty and administrative personnel are clearly considered to be more attentive and service-minded at MF than at other institutions.

Students at MF:

  • are significantly more satisfied with their educational institution and the quality of their education than average.
  • express more often that the teaching inspires them to further their academic studies.
  • are significantly more satisfied with the faculties preparations, dissemination, and enthusiasm than average.
  • are far more positive concerning the social environment than the other students that took part in the survey.



MF Norwegian School of Theology is member of:

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance System (or QAS) is designed to ensure that MF provides education of high international quality, and that the education of students who graduate from MF is well adapted to the workplace they will be stepping into. It relies on students’ perspectives on MF’s recruitment, learning and teaching environment, exam procedures, and additional preparations for professional life. The system encompasses all of MF’s undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs.

The requirement to have a Quality Assurance System is established by law, and regulated by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education. Internally, the MF Board oversees the Quality Assurance System, and provides guidelines for ongoing quality improvement. The Board of MF holds primary responsibility for the education quality, and delegates the implementation of the system to other departments within the institution.

International Partners

International Partners

Below you find the list of all the partners in Europe, America, Africa and Asia:


Aarhus University, Denmark.

København University, Denmark.

Lund University, Sweden.

Uppsala University, Sweden.

Johannelunds Teologiska Högskola, Sweden.

Stockholm School of Theology, Sweden

EELK - Eesti Evangeelse Luterliku Kiriku Usuteaduse Instituut, Estonia

Helsinki University, Finland.

Åbo University, Finland.

University of Iceland, Iceland.

Leuven University, Belgium.

University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

University of Craiova, Romania.

University of Timisoara, Romania.

'Lucian Blaga' University of Sibiu, Romania

VU Amsterdam, Netherlands.

PThU Groningen/Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Tilburg University, Netherlands.

Comenius University, Bratislava.

Charles-University, Czech Republic.

University of Rostock, Germany

Georg August University Göttingen, Germany

Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.

University of Leipzig, Germany.

University of Tübingen, Germany.

W. Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany.

Augustana Hochschule, Germany.

University of Hamburg, Germany.

Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal/Bethel University, Germany

University of Durham, United Kingdom.

Heytrop College, University of London, United Kingdom

Maymooth College, Ireland

St. Thomas Aquinas University, Italy

LUMSA University, Roma, Italy

FIDEM, Medieval Studies, Roma, Italy

'Josip Juraj Strossmayer' University of Osijek, Croatia





Kenya Methodist University, Meru, Kenya.

St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya.

Stellenbosch University, South-Africa.

Tumanini University, Makumira, Tanzania.

Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Uganda Christian University, Uganda

Gbarnga School of Theology, Liberia






Currently there are no employment vacancies at MF Norwegian School of Theology


Privacy statements

Privacy statements

For MF Norwegian School of Theology, it is important to treat personal information in a safe manner and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our various interest groups such as students, donors, subscribers and employees. With this obligation in mind and with the new privacy requirements that enter into force in the EU per 1 July 2018 (GDPR), we have prepared updated privacy statements.

The privacy statements below provide information about the personal information contained in our systems for different groups.
The purpose of the privacy statements is to inform you about what personal information is being processed, how they are treated, who is responsible for the treatment, what rights you have and who you can contact in terms of privacy issues.

If you have any questions concerning privacy,  please contact us at .



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