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We are located at Majorstuen in Oslo.


User guides

The library is a part of MF’s Learning centre, where, in addition to library services, you’ll find IT-services and courses. The library uses Oria, a search engine that allows you to browse the library's resources, books, articles, journals, music, films, and electronic resources etc. Oria users can sign into My Account and renew their borrowed books. The library is mainly for the use of our own students and teachers, but we will also answer requests from the general public.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8.00 - 21.00  (The entrance door at the ground floor closes 18.00)
Saturday: 09.00 - 17.00 (The entrance door at the ground floor closes 16.00)
The student card printing service is open Thursdays 13:00 - 14:30.
Reduced opening hours during summer and in connection with religious holidays and at the start of the semesters.


Postal address: P.O.Box 5144 Majorstuen, 0302 OSLO
Address: Gydasvei 4, OSLO

Telephone: (+47) 22 59 05 20
Telefax: (+47) 22 59 05 30



Oria is a search engine that allows you to search the library's resources, books, articles, journals, music, films and electronic resources etc.






Cristin aims to increase the social value of research by making it possible for research from several sectors to be viewed in the same context, with three long-term goals in mind:

To give Norwegian researchers access to relevant information as a basis for their work

To render Norwegian research visible, both nationally and internationally

To streamline the everyday work of researchers and research institutions – more research, less administration

Cristin - Current Research Information System in Norway. Replaces ForskDok from 2011.


List of databases

Søk - tastatur

List of databases

For access to our e-resources from home, click the link “External access” next to the individual resources or log on Oria.
If you're experiencing problems try to log on this adress:



  • Bildi - Biblical and biblical-archaeological literature, bibliographic database
  • Brage - MF's Open Research Archive
  • Cristin - Current Research Information System in Norway






  • ERIC - Education research and information, biographical database, some fulltext


  • Internet Archive - Library of millions of free books, movies, software, music and more


  • MIKADO - Mission history and contextual theology


  • - Catalogue of Norwegian university- and research colleges
  • PubPsych - Information retrieval system for psychological resources
  • TLG - Thesaurus Linguae Graecae - Greek texts from Homer (8 c. B.C.) to 1453. (Please remember to create your own account in order to search whole TLG) 
  • UMI - American dissertations
  • VIKO - Guide to finding information and academic writing
  • - Encyclopedia on religious education (German)

Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Staff and students can get help from a librarian who will show you how to search our databases to find relevant literature/information.

Please contact us at the library desk, or send an e-mail to:, or call us: 22 59 05 20 during daytime, Monday to Friday. 


Låne bøker


The user is responsible for all borrowed material and its return.

It is not permitted to borrow books on behalf of others, or pass on books you have borrowed to others.

No items can be taken out of the country.

If borrowed materials are lost or damaged, the user must pay a fine.  Minimum fee is NOK 700,-.

Borrowed materials should be returned on time:

- Normal lending period is 4 weeks, but renewal is usually  
  possible, unless there is a waiting list
- Books from the curriculum can only be lent to MF students and staff for 1 week.
- Reference material can be borrowed for 1 day in the reading room
- Periodicals are lent for 1 week, except the current year.

Users must notify the library of any change of address or status in relation to MF.

Violation of the rules may deprive the user of the right to further loans.

Distance learning students

Distance learning students

Students living far away from MF, can have the material sent to their home address.  You can place a hold on a book, and it will be sent to you when it becomes available.

You can contact us directly, or order through Oria. Literature that is not available in our library, can be ordered for you from other libraries.

For access to our e-resources from home, go to​ "Search /List of databases" on the library's home page. Click the link “External access” next to the individual resources.
If you're experiencing problems try to log on this adress:

Borrowing period is normally 4 weeks, except for curriculum literature which can be borrowed for 1 week.

You need to pay for the return shipment of books to MF.

We lend out books to libraries in- and outside of Norway.

See also: Regulations

Cost of Services


Cost of Services

Article copy from the library’s collections, per article:

External users: NOK 100 (1-25 pages) and NOK 200 (more than 25 pages)

Distance learning students: NOK 60 (1-25 pages) and NOK 120 (more than 25 pages)

Alumni: NOK 60 (1-25 pages) and NOK 120 (more than 25 pages)



Article copy from other libraries’ collections, per article:

External users: NOK 100 (1-25 pages) and NOK 200 (more than 25 pages)

Alumni: NOK 60 (1-25 pages) and NOK 120 (more than 25 pages)



Loan from other Norwegian libraries:

External users: NOK 150

Alumni: NOK 100



Loan from libraries abroad:

External users: NOK 250

Alumni: NOK 200

Service Declaration

Service Declaration

Strategic foundation​

The service declaration is based on the Strategic Plan for 2018-2021.

Overall objective​

The library will collect and make available information to support education, research and dissemination.

Target groups:

  • MF students
  • MF staff
  • Alumni
  • External users

The library’s users can expect​:

  • High quality collections and information services
  • Help from service minded, skilled and competent staff
  • Confidentiality
  • Access to curriculum literature
  • Access to material from other Norwegian libraries and from libraries abroad
  • A facilitated working environment

The Library expects that users:

  • Become familiar with the library and its facilities
  • Make an effort to search for books and journals, and that they try to locate these on the open shelves
  • Sign up for relevant courses that the library offers
  • Keep the library informed of changes in the personal data kept by the library, including their address and email address
  • Adhere to the library’s Regulations



  • Approximately 85.000 print books, 165.000 e-books and access to more than 800 current periodicals within the topics of theology, Christianity and the social sciences
  • Special collections in Religious Education, Qumran-related literature, hymnbooks, Quakerism
  • Reference material related to our field
  • Collection of videos for use in lectures 

The library also has a collection of student theses.

In addition Egede Institute's library, which has been succeeded by MF Norwegian School of Theology from January 2018, has a considerable collection of literature related to missions and new religious movements.

Library Staff

Library Staff

Head Librarian: Elna Strandheim
Tlf: 22 59 05 22

Senior Librarian: Inger-Johanne S. Gillebo
Tlf: 22 59 05 15

Senior Librarian: Bente Merete Røren
Tlf: 22 59 05 24

Executive Officer: Hanne Rakel Løvaas
Tlf: 22 59 05 25

New titles

New titles