Apply for studying abroad

Apply for studying abroad

Apply online via Søknadsweb HERE

Applications Deadlines

There are varying deadlines for MF-students to apply for different international exchange programmes. For studies in Europe, it is sufficient to apply six months in advance, but going to America, Asia or Africa, it is advisable to apply one year before departure:

  • February 15th for travelling in the Autumn semester
    (International partners in Europe) 
  • October 1st for travelling in the Spring semester
    (International partners in Europe) 
  • October 1st for travelling in the Autumn semester
    (International partners outside Europe) 
  • February 15th for travelling in the Spring semester
    (International partners outside Europe) 

What can you apply for?

It is wise to begin to examine which agreements are relevant for you in long before the deadline. Please note that it is your responsibility to identify the appropriate courses/subjects at the foreign institution that may be included in your degree at MF. For help, please contact a Student Advisor, the International Adviser, or a teacher. Take time to read the websites of our international partners and seek advice in your academic/professional area.

Requirements to apply

  • You must have the right to study at a study program at MF when applying and during the exchange program.
  • Minimum requirements for an exchange through Erasmus, Nordplus, and Nordlys are that you have completed at least 30 credits by the deadline and 60 credits prior to the departure for the program.
  • For the other MF agreements the minimum requirement is 60 completed credits by the application deadline. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Before travelling

Before travelling

Here are some helpful tips.


Be aware that it is your responsibility to fund your stay abroad, and that an application for support from Erasmus or Nordplus/Nordlys Agreement is a private matter that you need to arrange and apply for yourself.

Erasmus or Nordplus/Nordlys funds
Students that get funding help from Erasmus or Nordplus/Nordlys Agreement will have the opportunity to apply for a program scholarship.



Health Insurance
For those who are members of the National Insurance Scheme (Folketrygden) will be covered while studying abroad for up to 12 months. You must  inform yourself about what that entails and what kind of medical expenses it will cover. NAV has more information about rights for overseas students that everyone should inform themselves about.

Additional Insurance
Folketrygden only covers certain health services, but does not cover, for example, repatriation in case of illness. Find out about different insurance solutions by contacting different companies such as your own bank. ANSA (Association of Norwegian Students Abroad) has tailored insurance solutions for Norwegian students abroad.

Visas and Residence Permits
It is your responsibility to inform yourself about the visa regulations in the country of destination. Check the individual agreement pages for more information and contact the country's embassy/consulate. Also remember to check that your passport is valid for the entire length of the stay and is in accordance with applicable national regulations.

Other travel tips

Remember to receive any necessary vaccinations prior to departure. SiO - Health Services offers vaccines and guidance to students in connection with foreign travel.

Advice from the authorities
If exceptional conditions arise, Norwegian authorities may, at short notice, discourage travel in certain countries and areas. You must pay attention to this. This you must be aware of. Check UD website for advice.

Academic preapproval

All students going on exchange through MF agreements must apply for academic preapproval of the courses they plan to take abroad before they travel to their destination. That will be your proof that the exchange may be incorporated into your final grade by MF after the program. If there are any changes in your curriculum during the exchange you must keep MF updated.

Registration at MF

When travelling through the international exchange program you will pay the Semester Fee and register yourself as usual at MF during the semester you are abroad.

Approval of partial studies

Approval of partial studies

We differentiate between preapproval and final approval.

Preapproval before travelling

A preapproval is your proof that your studies abroad will be accepted as part of your degree at MF. Lånekassen also needs this prior approval to grant support for studies abroad. It varies how many documents are required when applying for approval. Please consult an advisor in your program/area.

Examples of documentation:

  • study plan with description of the subject and an overview of teaching and examination
  • required reading list and general information about the university you wish to study at

Apply for a preapproval in advance. Note that studying without elective credits will have stricter requirements for approval. These programmes normally require a specified final approval (see below).

Final approval: after the exchange

You apply for final approval when you return from abroad. This approval is also required for transferring part of the student loan into granted support.
There are two types of approval:

  • Specified Approval: courses you take abroad will be assessed according to the named topics by MF. This is often done in cases where one is dependent on getting exemption of courses that are required for a degree at MF. Exchange programs related to professional environments (eg. ERASMUS and NORDPLUS) will usually give specific approvals.
  • Unspecified Approval: Subjects you have taken abroad are approved as elective credits. In these cases, the subjects from abroad often do not correspond to any of those offered by MF. When applying for unspecified approval you will still consider any overlap with the subjects that you have already taken at MF, or that  it may be natural to take during your study. Elective credits make up as much of a degree as other credits, but do not provide a basis for exemption from compulsory subjects in your degree. Note that if you, later on, take courses from another department or another degree at MF that overlap with the subjects you took during the exchange, the number of elective credits will be reduced.

The main reason that not all courses taken abroad may be approved as specified credits is that there will often be a big difference in how subjects are constructed abroad compared to MF. In many cases, the subjects also lack the part of the curriculum that has to do with Norwegian requirements when studying abroad. If MF does not offer a particular topic then it may not be recognized as a specific topic.

Unspecified credits have the advantage that you can take courses abroad that are not offered by MF, but you can still benefit from your studies. An unspecified credit does not constitute a specific subject.

Apply for visa

Apply for visa

Applying for a visa is your responsibility and you should contact the relevant embassy to obtain updated information. You will find information and contact details about visa procedures for the most important countries in the links below.



Read more about visas and costs.

Apply for visa online.

Get more information about visa decisions at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.




Contact the embassy for more information:
Sigur Syrs gate 4
0244 OSLo
Phone: 22 54 07 30


The Canadian Embassy in Oslo.

Phone: +1 514 864 9191
Fax: +1 514 873 9931


Costa Rica

Hong Kong


Embassy of Mexico in Denmark:

Embajada de Mexico
Bredgade 65
1260 København
Phone: (+45) 39 61 05 00 Faks: (+45) 39 61 05 12

New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand's web site

Embassy of New Zealand in the Netherlands:

Immigration New Zealand
Eisenhowerlaan 77
2517 KK The Hague
The Netherlands
Phone:+31 70 365 8037 (Monday to Friday 10-12 and 14-16)
Fax:+31 70 364 0116


Embassy of Peru in Sweden:

Embajada del Perú en Suecia
Brunnsgatan 21B, 3TR
111 38 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 44 08 747



Embassy of the Republic of South Africa
Drammensveien 88 C, 0271 Oslo
Phone: (+47) 23 27 32 20 fax: (+47) 22 44 39 75



Embassy of South-Corea in Norway:

Inkognitogt. 3
Phone: 22 54 70 90
Fax.: 22 56 14 11


Turkish Embassy in Oslo:
Halvdan Svartes gate 5
N-0244 OSLO
Phone: 22 12 87 62
Fax:. 22 55 62 63


Electronic Visa Application Form (EVAF eller D-156).

More information about visas can be found at the Embassy website.