Ragnar Misje Bergem

Postdoctoral Fellow

Systematic Theology

Special fields:

  • Christian theology
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Political Theology
Phone: 22590645
Office: 367C


I am currently working on a project focusing on the place of the place and meaning of representation in political life, analyzed from a theological perspective. I seek to understand why many today are moving away from the idea of political representation, and what is meant by the concept of representation as such. In this analysis, the theological dimension is actualized by the way theology has historically influenced political theory, but also, and more importantly, due to the implicit metaphysical and theological presuppositions of political theories of representation.

I am co-funder and leader of Resonans - A Nordic Network for Theology, Philosophy and Politics.

Latest academic publications

  • Bergem, R. M. (2020). Kjærligheten og staten: teologiske refleksjoner i dialog med James Baldwin, Hannah Arendt og Gillian Rose. Dansk Tidsskrift for Teologi og Kirke, 47(2), s. 145 - 159. ISSN: 1903-6523
  • Bergem, R. M. (2020). Hvor mye veier folket? Den populistiske kroppen og demokratiets symbolske dimensjon. Agora, s. 229 - 257. ISSN: 0800-7136
  • Bergem, R. M. (2019). Politisk teologi. Dreyer Forlag A/S. ISBN: 978-82-8265-498-2
  • Bergem, R. M. (2019). Staten skaper enhet : en kritisk analyse av noen av Bernt T. Oftestads faglige arbeider om kirke, stat og politikk. Teologisk Tidsskrift, 8(3), s. 183 - 197. ISSN: 1893-0263
  • Bergem, R. M. (2018). The Logic of Representation in Political Rituals. International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, 79(3), s. 251 - 269. ISSN: 2169-2327
  • Bergem, R. M. & Bergem, I. M. (2018). The political theology of populism and the case of the Front National. Philosophy & Social Criticism, 145(2), s. 186 - 211. ISSN: 0191-4537
  • Bergem, R. M. (2017). On the Persistence of the Genealogical in Contemporary Theology. Modern Theology, 33(3), s. 435 - 452. ISSN: 0266-7177
  • Bergem, R. M. (2016). Transgressions: Erich Przywara, G.W.F. Hegel and the Principle of Non-Contradiction. Forum Philosophicum, 21(1), s. 11 - 27. ISSN: 1426-1898

Education and professional practice

2009 - 2013Bachelor i teologi, MF
2013 - 2014MPhil i Christian Theology, Universitetet i Cambridge (Hughes Hall)
2014 - 2018PhD i Theology & Religious Studies, Universitetet i Cambridge (Trinity Hall)


2014 - 2017Faculty of Divinity Studentship, Universitetet i Cambridge
2014 - 2017Cambridge University Trusts Scholar