Gina Lende

Associate Professor

Phone: 22590575
Office: 343


My academic interest is related to the contemporary, empirical study of religion and politics; religion, conflict and peace building: religion, state and civil society. I have worked on these topics in Latin America, West Africa and the Middle East. My main emphais is on Christiantiy, but also Islam. I have a PhD in the history of religions (2015) focusing on the growth of Pentecostalism in Nigeria and Guatemala.

Currently I am working on a post.doc project examining how religion is regulated in West Africa, with a main emphasis on Nigeria. I investigate state and non-state initatives to regulate religion.

Before starting at MF I worked at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO), among other tasks as the Director of the PRIO Cyprus Centre (PCC). The PCC is a research- and dialogue centre in Nicosia working on topics related to peace building in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Latest academic publications

  • Lende, G. (2020). City of Gods and Goods: Exploring Religious Pluralism in the Neoliberal City. Routledge International Handbook of Religion in Global Society. Routledge. ISBN: 978-1-138-18250-9
  • Horsfjord, V., Kloster, S. T., Lende, G. & Løland, O. J. (2018). Global kristendom. En samtidshistorie. Universitetsforlaget. ISBN: 9788215030128
  • Løland, O. J., Lende, G., Horsfjord, V. & Kloster, S. T. (2018). Global kristendom : en samtidshistorie. Global kristendom. En samtidshistorie. Universitetsforlaget. ISBN: 9788215030128

Education and professional practice

2003Cand. Philol, Religionshistorie (UiO, UiB): spansk, arabisk, Midtaustenhistorie


2003Co-editor/co- founder, Babylon- Scandinavian Journal on the Middle East
2015Member of Board/ Chair of Board, The Norwegian Human Rights Fund
2016Member of international advisory board, The International Centre for Inter-Faith Peace and Harmony (ICIPH), Nigeria