Fredrik Saxegaard, PhD

Associate Professor

Practical Theology
RVS Coordinator

Phone: 22590571
Office: 471


My primary research interest is situated between professional theory, pastoral theology and leadership studies. I have contributed to the field through a dissertation about parish priests as contributors to leadership in The Church of Norway, and through articles about pastoral theology as academic discipline between traditional theological perspectives and empirical professional theory. In 2019, I completed a project on youth, religion and recruitment to church professions. In 2020, I am involved in two projects on how clergy use and develop knowledge in their professions.

Latest academic publications

  • Saxegaard, F. (2021). Realizing Church : Parish Pastors as Contributors to Leadership in Congregations. LIT Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-643-91177-3
  • Saxegaard, F. (2020). Pastoralteologi : status og stifinning. Tidsskrift for Praktisk Teologi (TPT), 37(1), s. 90 - 102. ISSN: 1893-4773
  • Saxegaard, F. (2019). Den fantastiske jobben som ikke frister : kirkeaktive ungdommers ambivalente forhold til kirkelige profesjoner. Tidsskrift for Praktisk Teologi (TPT), 36(1), s. 4 - 16. ISSN: 1893-4773
  • Saxegaard, F. (2016). Pastoralteologiens samtalepartnere : om pastoralteologi som praktisk-teologisk disiplin etter den empiriske vendingen. Tidsskrift for Praktisk Teologi (TPT), 33(2), s. 34 - 44. ISSN: 1893-4773
  • Saxegaard, F. (2009). Presten som symboliserende, strategisk og samhandlende leder : en modell for sokneprestens lederskap i folkekirken. Halvårsskift for praktisk teologi: Bihefte til Luthersk kirketidende, 26(2), s. 17 - 28. ISSN: 0800-6857