Kristin Joachimsen, cand.theol


Old Testament
Chair, Department of Theology and Ministry

Special fields:

  • Old Testament-Hebrew Bible
  • Book of Isaiah
  • Books of Ezra and Nehemiah
  • Book of Esther
  • Historiography-Ancient Israel
  • Memory studies
  • Identity - religion -ethnicity
  • Postcolonial theory
Phone: 22590640
Office: 339


My research includes studies on ancient Israelite historiography, prophetic and poetic literature (especially the book of Isaiah), the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, as well as the book of Esther. The main emphasis is on Persian and Hellenistic periods. Theoretically and methodically I especially focus on identity constructions related to religion and ethnicity, as well as the construction of “the other”. I also apply memory studies, postcolonial theory and gender studies.

At the moment, I’m working on a monograph with the working title Translating Culture: Torah and Boundaries in Flux in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah.To paraphrase the anthropologist Levi-Straus: In this study, I analyze cultural complexity and fluid identity discourses in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, where I’ve cjosen various tropes, concepts and tools to think with. I draw on theories related to identity, borders, “others” as well as translation- I especially emphasize cetegorizations which are challenged by “inbetween”-forms, what I label grey areas. Also the dynamics between factors like culture, religion, ethnicity, geopolitics and gender are significant.

Latest academic publications

  • Joachimsen, K. (2021). Israel’s Sin and Survival in Ezra 9–10 and Nehemiah 9–10. Sin, Suffering, and the Problem of Evil, s. 97 - 111. Mohr Siebeck. ISBN: 978-3-16-157538-9
  • Joachimsen, K. (2020). Cohesion, distribution and hybrid identity in Nehemiah 5. The Bible and Money: Economy and Socioeconomic Ethics in the Bible, s. 115 - 128. Sheffield Phoenix Press. ISBN: 978-1-910928-75-2
  • Joachimsen, K. (2020). The Book of Isaiah: Persian/Hellenistic Background. The Oxford Handbook of Isaiah, s. 176 - 197. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780190669249
  • Joachimsen, K. (2020). Jezebel as Voiced by Others in 1 and 2 Kings. Die Welt des Orients, 50(2), s. 216 - 233. ISSN: 0043-2547
  • Joachimsen, K. (2019). Ikke bare fremmed, flyktning og gjest : fortellinger om gjestfrihet, frykt og migrasjon. Kirke og kultur, 124(2), s. 123 - 138. ISSN: 0023-186X
  • Joachimsen, K. (2019). Esther in Shushan. Foreign Women - women in Foreign Lands : Studies on Foreignness and Gender in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East in the First Millennium BCE, s. 203 - 222. Mohr Siebeck. ISBN: 978-3-16-157590-7
  • Joachimsen, K. (2018). The Symbolic Function of the Law in Ezra 9–10. Religion, Law, and Justice: Seven Essays, s. 15 - 40. Novus Forlag. ISBN: 978-82-7099-912-5
  • Joachimsen, K. (2018). Å oversette “andre”: En analyse av identitetskonstruksjoner i Esraboken. Chaos - Skandinavisk tidsskrift for religionshistoriske studier, 69(1), s. 139 - 158. ISSN: 0108-4453
  • Joachimsen, K. (2016). Minne som analytisk kategori i studier av Den hebraiske bibelen. DIN - Tidsskrift for religion og kultur, (1), s. 46 - 66. ISSN: 1501-9934
  • Joachimsen, K. (2015). Remembering and Forgetting in Isaiah 43, 44, and 46. New Perspectives on Old testament Prophecy and History: Essays in Honour of Hans M. Barstad, s. 42 - 56. Brill Academic Publishers. ISBN: 9789004293267

Education and professional practice

1989Historie grunnfag, Universitetet i Oslo
1996Cand. theol., Universitetet i Oslo
1997Doktorgradsstipendiat, Norges forskningsråd og Det teologiske fakultet, Universitetet i Oslo
2000Hebraisk mellomfag, Universitetet i Oslo
2002 - 2015Førsteamanuensis i bibelvitenskap, Universitetet i Tromsø
2005 - 2009Instituttleder (25%), Institutt for religionsvitenskap
2006Praktisk-pedagogisk utdanning (for undervisning på universitet), Universitetet i Tromsø
2006 - 2009Bibeloversetter (15%), Det norske bibelselskap
2007Dr. theol, Universitetet i Oslo


1999 - 2007Styremedlem, Norsk gammeltestamentlig selskap
2004 - 2005Leder, Norsk gammeltestamentlig selskap
2004 - 2005Medlem, Fakultetsstyret ved Samfunnsvitenskapelig fakultet, Universitetet i Tromsø
2004 - 2009Universitetet i Tromsø sin representant i Nasjonalt fagråd for kristendom og religionsvitenskap
2008 - 2011Medlem i Teologisk nemd, Mellomkirkelig råd
2009 - 2013Medlem i programstyre for religionsvitenskap, Universitetet i Tromsø
2009 - 2013Medlem i instituttstyre, Institutt for historie og religionsvitenskap, Universitetet i Tromsø
2009 - 2015Universitetet i Tromsø sin represenant i styret for Kirkelig Utdanningssenter Nord-Norge
2013 - 2015Medlem i styret for Senter for fredsstudier, Universitetet i Tromsø
2016 - presentMedlem i Avdelingsråd for teologi og historie, Det teologiske menighetsfakultet