Esther Brownsmith

Postdoctoral Fellow

Bible and Ancient Near East

Special fields:

  • Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
  • Women's and Gender Studies
  • Fan Fiction Studies
  • Second Temple Judaism
  • Ancient Near East
Phone: 22590669
Office: 210A


Dr. Brownsmith is a postdoctoral scholar in Hebrew Bible. Her current projects include:

  • a monograph for Routledge, based on her dissertation, that examines metaphors of consumption in biblical texts of violence against women;
  • a monograph on the book of Esther, examining it in the light of fan fiction studies, queer theory, and affect theory; and
  • ongoing research on archives, archival loss, and feelings about the past.

Latest academic publications

  • Brownsmith, E. (2020). To Serve Woman: Jezebel, Anat, and the Metaphor of Women as Food. Researching Metaphor in the Ancient Near East, s. 29 - 52. Harrassowitz Verlag. ISBN: 9783447390224

Education and professional practice

2000 - 2004Bachelor of Arts at Rice University
2004 - 2006Field manager at Clean Water Action
2006 - 2009Master of Arts in Religion at Yale Divinity School
2009 - 2020PhD at Brandeis University
2020 - presentPostdoctoral scholar at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society