Hilde Brekke Møller, PhD

Director of Academic Affairs/PhD

New Testament

Special fields:

  • Theology
  • History
  • The New Testament
Phone: 22590636
Office: 351B


As Director of Academic Affairs I am responsible for Admissions, Exams, International relations, and other administrative services at MF. I also plan and manage teachers' working loads and teaching schedules.

My PhD is in Biblical Studies, and my academic interests focus on The historical Jesus, Research history, and Reception history.

Latest academic publications

  • Møller, H. B. (2019). Den jødiske Jesus og spørsmålet om antisemittisme i tysk jødemisjon. Norsk tidsskrift for misjonsvitenskap, 73(3-4), s. 40 - 49. ISSN: 1504-6605
  • Møller, H. B. (2017). The Vermes Quest : the Significance of Geza Vermes for Jesus Research. T&T Clark. ISBN: 978-0-567-67574-3
  • Møller, H. B. (2017). Hanina ben Dosa Heals from a Distance: A Case of Christian Influences upon Talmudic Judaism?. Interreligious relations: Biblical perspectives: Proceedings from the second Norwegian Summer Academy of Biblical Studies (NSABS), Ansgar University College, Kristiansand, Norway, August 2015, s. 280 - 295. T&T Clark. ISBN: 9780567674241

Education and professional practice

2003Cand.theol (MF)
2015PhD New Testament Studies (MF)