Brent Nongbri


History of Religions

Special fields:

  • History of Religions
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Office: 478A


I am a specialist in the study of religion with a focus on early Christianity. My most recent book, God's Library: The Archaeology of the Earliest Christian Manuscripts (Yale University Press, 2018), was the 2019 winner of the DeLong Book History Prize awarded by the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing, as well as the Biblical Archaeology Society's prize for best book on a New Testament topic.

Latest academic publications

  • Nongbri, B. (2019). Palaeographic Analysis of Codices from the Early Christian Period: A Point of Method. Journal for the Study of the New Testament, 42(1), s. 84 - 97. ISSN: 0142-064X
  • Nongbri, B. (2019). The Present and Future of Ancient Religion. Theorizing "Religion" in Antiquity, s. 1 - 8. Equinox Publishing. ISBN: 9781781793572
  • Nongbri, B. & Sharp, D. B. (2019). Four newly identified fragments of P.Bodmer 14–15 (P75). Novum Testamentum, 62(1), s. 99 - 106. ISSN: 0048-1009

Education and professional practice

2008 - 2009Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies, Yale University
2009 - 2010Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, Oberlin College
2010 - 2012Research Fellow, Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University
2013 - 2014Macquarie University Research Fellow, Dept. of Ancient History, Macquarie University
2014 - 2016Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow, Dept. of Ancient History, Macquarie University
2017 - 2018Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Theology, Aarhus University