Wally Cirafesi

Postdoctoral Fellow

New Testament

Special fields:

  • New Testament
  • Early Christianity
  • Ancient Judaism
Phone: 22590665
Office: 370B


My current research project as a postdoctoral fellow at the Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society involves the history of Jewish - Christian relations in the Galilean village of Capernaum from the time of Jesus to the Byzantine-Islamic transition in Palestine. The project studies diachronically and contextually the dynamics of social change at work in the village through texts and material culture, especially architecture. It explores how a predominately Jewish village in the first century gradually transformed in later centuries into an important site of Christian memory and pilgrimage. It considers how the Christianization of Capernaum--one instance in the larger Byzantine effort to create a Christian "Holy Land"--impacted local Jewish – Christian interaction at various phases in the village's history.

Latest academic publications

  • Runesson, A. P. L. & Cirafesi, W. (2019). Art and Architecture at Capernaum, Kefar 'Othnay, and Dura Europos.. The Reception of Jesus in the First Three Centuries. Volume Three: From Celsus to the Catacombs: Visual, Liturgical, and Non-Christian Receptions of Jesus in the Second and Third Centuries CE., s. 151 - 220. Bloomsbury T&T Clark. ISBN: 9780567000194
  • Cirafesi, W. V. (2017). Taken from Dust, Formed from Clay: Compound Allusions and Scriptural Exegesis in 1QHa 11:20-37;20:27-39 and Ben Sira 33:7-15. Dead Sea Discoveries, 24(1), s. 81 - 111. ISSN: 0929-0761
  • Cirafesi, W. V. & Fewster, G. P. (2016). Justin's απομνημονευματα and Ancient Greco-Roman Memoirs. Early Christianity, 7(2), s. 186 - 212. ISSN: 1868-8020
  • Cirafesi, W. (2014). The Johannine Community Hypothesis (1968–Present): Past and Present Approaches and a New Way Forward. Currents in Biblical Research, s. 173 - 193. ISSN: 1476-993X
  • Cirafesi, W. (2014). The ‘Johannine Community’ in (More) Current Research: A Critical Appraisal of Recent Methods and Models. Neotestamentica, 48(2), s. 341 - 364. ISSN: 0254-8356
  • Cirafesi, W. (2014). The Bilingual Character and Liturgical Function of ‘Hermeneia’ in Johannine Papyrus Manuscripts: A New Proposal. Novum Testamentum, 56(1), s. 45 - 67. ISSN: 0048-1009
  • Cirafesi, W. (2013). ὑστερέω and πίστις Χριστοῦ in Romans 3:23: A Response to Steven Enderlein. Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters, 3(1), s. 1 - 9. ISSN: 2159-2063
  • Cirafesi, W. (2013). Verbal Aspect in Synoptic Parallels: On the Method and Meaning of Divergent Tense-Form Usage in the Synoptic Passion Narratives. Brill Academic Publishers. ISBN: 978-90-04-25027-7
  • Cirafesi, W. (2012). To Fall Short or To Lack? Reconsidering the Meaning and Translation of ‘ΥΣΤΕΡΕΩ in Romans 3:23. Expository Times, 123(9), s. 429 - 434. ISSN: 0014-5246
  • Cirafesi, W. (2012). The Priestly Portrait of Jesus in the Gospel of John in Light of 1QS, 1QSa and 1QSb. Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, 8, s. 83 - 105. ISSN: 1467-1085

Education and professional practice

0 - 2018PhD (New Testament Studies), University of Oslo
0 - 2012MA (Christian Studies), McMaster Divinity College (Canada)
0 - 2010BA (Biblical Languages), Moody Bible Institute (USA)