Andreas Holmedahl Hvidsten

Postdoctoral Fellow

Political Science

Special fields:

  • political science
  • political philosophy
  • history of ideas
  • international relations
Phone: 22590646
Office: 323


I have a PhD in political science from the University of Oslo, and I work in the intersection of political philosophy and the history of ideas. I am particularly interested in ideas of political legitimacy: how they evolve historically, how they shape political institutions and practices, and how they may be fruitfully compared and contrasted in the interest of political dialogue. My main project focuses on religious aspects of ideas of legitimacy in theories of international politics.

Latest academic publications

  • Hvidsten, A. H. (2019). Et populistisk manifest. Agora : Journal for metafysisk spekulasjon, 37(2), s. 237 - 248. ISSN: 0800-7136
  • Hvidsten, A. H. (2019). Karl Mannheim and the liberal telos of realism. International Relations, s. 1 - 19. ISSN: 0047-1178
  • Hvidsten, A. H. (2019). Theorizing International Relations: A Dialectical Approach. Lexington Books. ISBN: 9781498588614
  • Hvidsten, A. H. & Skarstad, K. (2018). The challenge of human rights for peace research. International Theory, 10(1), s. 98 - 121. ISSN: 1752-9719
  • Hvidsten, A. H. (2018). Arguing with the enemy: A dialectical approach to justifying political liberalism. Philosophy & Social Criticism, 44(8), s. 822 - 842. ISSN: 0191-4537
  • Hvidsten, A. H. (2016). Fløgstad og filosofien. Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift. ISSN: 0800-336X
  • Hvidsten, A. H. & Hovi, J. (2015). Why no twin-track Europe? Unity, discontent, and differentiation in European integration. European Union Politics, 16(1), s. 3 - 22. ISSN: 1465-1165
  • Hvidsten, A. H. (2014). Hvorfor tro på formelle modeller? Om forholdet mellom teoretisk modellering og empirisk analyse. Norsk Statsvitenskapelig Tidsskrift, (3), s. 181 - 204. ISSN: 0801-1745