Glenn Øystein Wehus, cand. theol

Associate Professor

New Testament, Greek and Classics

Resource person for the following topics:

Phone: 22590611
Office: 469


My scholarly interests are related to the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world. One main interest is the Greek language, both as a language system in itself and as a tool for understanding the theology of the New Testament. Another main interest is the philosophical traditions of these ancient cultures, in particular Stoicism and the Stoic teacher and former slave Epictetus (ca. AD 50-135). In general I am fascinated by the points of contact between language, history, theology/religion, geography and social aspects—the complex matrix which together makes up what we call culture.

In addition I have publish in papyrology (Greek and Coptic), and have worked on the papyri belonging to the papyrus-collection of the University of Oslo.

Latest academic publications

  • Wehus, G. Ø. (2019). Freedom, Slavery, and Self in Epictetus. Teologisk Tidsskrift, 8(4), s. 227 - 242. ISSN: 1893-0263
  • Maravela, A., Wehus, G. Ø. & Tothne, A. M. (2017). A Coptic Liturgical Prayer for the Consecration of the Chalice. Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete, 63(1), s. 204 - 230. ISSN: 0066-6459
  • Wehus, G. Ø. (2014). "Bring Now, O Zeus, What Difficulty Thou Wilt": Prayer and Identity Formation in the Stoic Philosopher Epictetus. Early Christian Prayer and Identity Formation, s. 343 - 369. Mohr Siebeck. ISBN: 9783161535208
  • Maravela, A. & Wehus, G. Ø. (2012). In the workshop of a preacher-scholar? Christian jottings on an Oslo parchment. Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, 182, s. 87 - 97. ISSN: 0084-5388
  • Maravela, A. & Wehus, G. Ø. (2011). Noen magiske tekster fra Papyri Osloenses. Arr - Idéhistorisk tidsskrift, (3), s. 39 - 43. ISSN: 0802-7005
  • Maravela, A. & Wehus, G. Ø. (2011). Senantikk Magi. Tekster fra Universitetsbiblioteket i Oslos Papyrussamling. Arr - Idéhistorisk tidsskrift, (3), s. 27 - 37. ISSN: 0802-7005
  • Wehus, G. Ø. (2009). Judasevangeliet: en presentasjon av en nylig gjenfunnet antikk tekst. Klassisk Forum, (2), s. 79 - 94. ISSN: 0801-3179

Education and professional practice

1999Idehistorie mellomfag UiO
2000Cand. theol MF
2000Praktikum MF
2001Feltprest Porsanger Jegerbataljon
2002Timelærer Bibelskolen i Staffeldts gate
2006Mastergrad i gresk UiO
2012Innføringskurs i koptisk, Universitetet i Bergen