Andreas Melson Gregersen

Doctoral Research Fellow

Study of Religion

Special fields:

  • Material Culture

Resource person for the following topics:

Phone: 22590563


I have my background from philosophy & science theory, and history from Roskilde University.

As a PhD-student I study the relationship between materiality and religion. Theoretical I'm particularly interested in theories of meditation. Therefore I am interested in the role of artefacts, rooms, technologies and things in Protestant practices; how materiality forms practice, and how the experience is mediated by materiality. I try to make a contribution to the understanding of mediation in religious studies (David Morgan, Birgit Meyer) by using philosophy of techonology (Latour, Don Ihde, Peter-Paul Verbeek) and atmosphere philosophy (Gernot Böhme) to analyze Danish Protestant practice. More specific, I study how materiality is included in the Church of Denmark's traditional and alternative liturgical practices, and how materiality affects the experiences of the churchgoers.

Education and professional practice

2008 - 2010Humanistic Basic Studies (Roskilde University)
2010 - 2011BA in Philosophy & Science Studies and History (Roskilde University).
2011 - 2014MA in Philosophy & Science Studies and History (Roskilde University). Master thesis in Philosophy & Science Studies.