Claudia Lenz


Social Science - Chair for prevention of racism and antisemitism

Special fields:

  • prevention of prejudice and group focused enmity
  • Education for Democratic Citizenship
  • history didactics

Resource person for the following topics:

Phone: 22590629
Office: 329


I am trained as a philosopher and political scientist from the University of Hamburg.

My main areas of work and research are

  • memory culture, history politics and historical consciousness
  • prejudice and hostility
  • democracy and citizenship in school

In the field of history didactics, I am concerned with how memory and past work contribute to the development and negotiation of identity, participation and power relations at individual and group level.

My second field of research deals with prejudice, othering mechanisms, and how prejudice and group hostility are combated at different societal levels.

I am particularly interested in how the school can prevent racism and other forms for group focused enmity, and have been involved in building the Dembra project ( ). Currently, I am the head of Dembra for teacher educators.

Since 2009 I have been involved in the Council of Europe's work in democracy and human rights education, where I have contributed to develop the reference framework "Competences for a Democratic Culture".

Current research: anti-Semitism in Norway; Minority attitudes towards each other (affiliated with the HL Center)

Latest academic publications

  • Lenz, C. & Geelmuyden, T. V. (2020). The Gaarder Debate Revisited. Drawing the Demarcation Line between Legitimate and Illegitimate Criticism of Israel. The Shifting Boundaries of Prejudice. Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Contemporary Norway, s. 51 - 75. Universitetsforlaget. ISBN: 9788215034676
  • Lenz, C. (2020). Competences for democractic culture - towards new priorities in European educational systems?. Teacher Education and the Development of Democratic Citizenship in Europe, s. 17 - 33. Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-367-14149-3
  • Lenz, C. & Moe, V. (2020). Negotiations of Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Group Conversations among Jews and Muslims. The Shifting Boundaries of Prejudice. Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Contemporary Norway, s. 297 - 323. Universitetsforlaget. ISBN: 9788215034676
  • (2019). Dembra - Faglige perspektiver på demokrati og forebygging av gruppefiendtlighet i skolen (2). ISBN: 978-82-92988-67-1
  • Lenz, C. (2019). Creating World through Concept Learning. Conceptualizing the World: An Exploration across Disciplines, s. 66 - 78. Berghahn Books. ISBN: 978-1-78920-036-2
  • Lenz, C. (2018). 22. juli-fortellinger og forhandlingen om hva terroren skal bety for fremtiden. Tidsskrift for kulturforskning, 17(1), s. 89 - 106. ISSN: 1502-7473
  • Lenz, C. & Schröder, P. (2018). "Orte, an denen man wachsen kann" – Empirische Rekonstruktionen von Sinnzuschreibungen im Zusammenhang mit der Eröffnung zweier norwegischer Gedenkstätten. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung, 19(3). ISSN: 1438-5627
  • Moe, V., Døving, A., Levin, I. & Lenz, C. (2016). "Hvis de hadde oppført seg som vanlige nordmenn, hadde alt vært greit, tror jeg» Nordmenns syn på årsaken til negative holdninger til jøder og muslimer. FLEKS - Scandinavian Journal of Intercultural Theory and practice, 3(1), s. 1 - 17. ISSN: 1894-5988
  • (2016). Dembra. Faglige perspektiver på demokrati og forebygging av gruppefiendtlighet i skolen. ISBN: 978-82-92988-60-2
  • (2016). Crossing Borders. Combining Human Rights Education and History Education. LIT Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-643-90731-8

Education and professional practice

1996Studiet i filosofi, psykologi og statsvitenskap
2002Doktorgrad i statsvitenskap
2002Forsker i prosjektet "Traditions of historical consciousness"
2007Seniorforsker "Reflective historical consciousness in Norway and Germany" (Marie Curie stipentiat)
2009Forskningsleder Det Europeiske Wergelandsenteret
2013Førsteamanuensis (II-stilling) program for lærerutdanning/NTNU
2016Seniorforsker (II stilling) hl-senteret (siden 2018: forsker I.)


2017Member of the NECE advisory board (Networking European Citizenship Educators)
2018Lead expert to the Council of Europe's Network of Policy Advisors