Filip Rasmussen

Doctoral Research Fellow

Phone: 22590606
Office: 202


I am a doctoral research fellow in systematic theology. In my current project, I give a new reading of the early Karl Barth’s critique of religion, and relate this to contemporary critical discussions about the origin and use of the category of religion among scholars such as Talal Asad, Russell T. McCutcheon and Tomoko Masuzawa.

The working title of the project is ‘Between the Times: The Critique of Religion in the Theology of the Early Karl Barth’

Latest academic publications

  • Rasmussen, F. (2021). Verdensreligionsmodellen i religions- og livssynsundervisningen: Hva er egentlig problemet?. Prismet, 72(1), s. 39 - 55. ISSN: 0032-8847
  • Rasmussen, F. (2021). The Gift in Theology: Unilateralism and Reciprocity in Kathryn Tanner’s and John Milbank’s Theology of Gift. Studia Theologica - Nordic Journal of Theology. ISSN: 0039-338X

Education and professional practice

2015 - 2018Bachelor i teologi, MF
2018 - 2019Master of Studies in Theology, University of Oxford
2019 - 2020PPU, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge
2020 - presentStipendiat, MF


2016 - 2018Redaktør, Ung Teologi
2021 - presentPhD-representant, MF
2021 - presentLeder for systematisk teologisk forskningsseminar, MF