Maria Ledstam

Doctoral Research Fellow


Phone: 22590545
Office: 463


I am a PhD Candidate in Ethics and my project is about ethical perspectives on work and the relationship between religion and economics in work based on an ethnographic study of two Christian organizations - one Catholic and one Protestant - that run social enterprises. More specifically, I look at how the meaning of work is negotiated in different practices at workplaces connected to these organizations. The ethnographic study is based on participatory observations and interviews from two social companies in the US and Canada. The empirical material from the two cases will be analyzed, compared and discussed in relation to contemporary theological and ethical discussions and questions about the meaning of work.

Education and professional practice

2000 - 2005Master of Education for the Upper Secondary School
2005 - 2010Lärare på Liljeholmens folkhögskola
2007 - 2010Degree of Bachelor of arts in Theology
2010 - 2015Lärare i etik på ALT-Akademi för ledarskap och teologi
2011 - 2013Degree of Master of Arts in Theology