Iselin Frydenlund


Phone: 22590619
Office: 424B


I hold a PhD in religious studies from University of Oslo (2011) on Buddhism and violence during the Sri Lankan civil war, and my research interests include the role of religion in war and peace, suicide terrorism, interreligious dialogue, and freedom of religion or belief.

My research area is Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, specializing in questions concerning the relationship between Buddhism, nationalism, politics and violence. Currently, I am working on Buddhist political and legal activism in Myanmar and Sri Lanka and Buddhist-Muslim relations in South and Southeast Asia. I take a particular interest in fieldwork methodology in the study of religion in its social context.

For a number of years, I have been affiliated to the Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO, and Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, and I have cooperated with the Buddhist Federation of Norway and monastic organizations in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Bangladesh, on religious minority rights in Buddhist majority states. I am also deeply engaged in an academic exchange program with Myanmar Institute of Theology.

Member of MF CASR

Selected publications

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Latest academic publications

  • Frydenlund, I., Pum Za, M., Wai, P. & Hayward, S. (2021). Religious Responses to the Military Coup in Myanmar. Review of Faith & International Affairs, 19(3), s. 77 - 88. ISSN: 1557-0274
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Education and professional practice

1996 - 1997Post-graduate Studies, London School of Economics
2011PhD, University of Oslo, History of Religion


1996Elected National Leader of The Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America (Latin-Amerikagruppene i Norge (LAG)
2005Steering Board Member, Asianettverket (Network for Asia studies in Norway).
2008Institute board member, IKOS, University of Oslo
2010Member of external board, co-operation between PRIO and Indian Defense Studies and Analysis (IDSA).
2012Norwegian representative to the Domain Committee of Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health (ISCH) in COST (EU)
2016 - presentMember, Scientific Board, MF
2017 - presentAcademic advisor, NORPART Myanmar project at MF
2017 - presentCo-organizer (together with Dr. Jens Borgland) of the Nordic Network for Buddhist Studies
2017 - presentEditorial board, Journal of Religion and Violence