Marion Grau


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I am a theologian working with the resources of ecumenical Christian traditions. My research interests have been focused on questions of salvation, liberation, and transformation in a variety of ways: economic structures and metaphors of salvation, missionary movements in the tension between colonial and indigenous theologies, and a postcolonial approach to hermeneutics.

Current research projects include a study of pilgrimage and identity reconstruction in contemporary Norway and an exploration of petroleum culture, climate change and theology in the context of Northern and Arctic landscapes. My work brings together different methodologies such as historical textual study, biblical studies, literary theory, postcolonial theory, ethnography, cultural studies, and theories of gender, race, and class.

I work using a constructive theological method which focuses on engaging the roots of Christian and other religious traditions, and rereads these traditions critically with the help of several interdisciplinary methods.

Latest academic publications

  • Grau, M. (2021). Pilgrimage, Landscape, & Identity: Reconstructing Sacred Geographies in Norway. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780197598634
  • Grau, M. (2021). Pondering theological metaphoricity in Devin Singh’s divine currency and beyond. Critical Research on Religion (CRR), 9(1), s. 94 - 97. ISSN: 2050-3032
  • Grau, M. (2020). Affective Communitas and sacred geography : mapping place and movement in Norwegian pilgrimage. Ritual and democracy : protests, publics and performances, s. 67 - 92. Equinox Publishing. ISBN: 9781781799758
  • (2020). What is constructive theology? : histories, methodologies, and perspectives. Bloomsbury T&T Clark. ISBN: 9780567695154
  • Grau, M. (2020). Methodological themes and patterns in constructive theologies. What is constructive theology? : histories, methodologies, and perspectives, s. 53 - 73. Bloomsbury T&T Clark. ISBN: 9780567695154
  • Grau, M. (2019). Political hagiographies sainthood, ethnocentrism, and the fallacies of identity. Louvain Studies, 42(3), s. 265 - 287. ISSN: 0024-6964
  • Grau, M. (2018). Bonifatius, Christus und die Axt am Baum. Ein Beitrag zur Soteriologie in postkolonialer Perspektive. Postkoloniale Theologien II : Perspektiven aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum, s. 242 - 255. W. Kohlhammer GmbH. ISBN: 978-3-17-032571-5
  • Grau, M. (2018). The revelations of global climate change : a petro-eschatology. Eschatology as imagining the end - Faith between hope and despair, s. 45 - 60. Routledge. ISBN: 978-1-138-48136-7
  • Grau, M. (2018). Postcolonial Contributions to Intercultural Theologies and Interreligious Relations. Shifting Locations and Reshaping Methods : Methodological Challenges Arising from New Fields of Research in Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies, s. 37 - 52. LIT Verlag. ISBN: 9783643910226
  • Grau, M. (2018). From Refiner's Fire to Refinery Fires : Reflections on the Combustive Element of Fire. The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Nature : the Elements, s. 159 - 171. Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN: 9781350046825

Education and professional practice

1997Erstes Staatsexamen Ev. Theologie und Englisch, Universität Tübingen
2001Ph.D. Theological and Religious Studies, Drew University, USA
2001 - 2006Assistant Professor of Theology, CDSP/Graduate Theological Union, USA
2006 - 2015Associate Professor of Theology, CDSP/Graduate Theological Union, USA
2015 - presentProfessor, Systematisk teologi og missiologi, Det teologiske Menighetsfakultetet


0Member, Constructive Theology Group
0Member, Yale-Edinburgh Group on the History of the Missionary Movement and World Christianity
0Member, The European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies - ESITIS
0Member, European Society for Women in Theology and Religion – ESWTR
0Member, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Religionsphilosophie
1997 - presentMember, American Academy of Religion
1997 - presentMember, Society of Biblical Literature
2001 - presentMember, Society of Anglican and Lutheran, Theology
2001 - 2015Member of the Systematic and Philosophical Theology Area Consortial Faculty
2004 - 2015Member of the Core Doctoral Faculty, Gradutate Theological Union
2004 - 2015Member of the Interdisciplinary Studies Area Faculty
2005 - presentMember of the GTU Board of Trustees, Management and Finance Committee, Fall Fall
2005 - 2007Member of the Faculty Council of the GTU, Spring (Advises the Academic Dean of the GTU)
2006 - presentChair of the Women’s Studies in Religion Program Steering Committee, Fall Fall
2009 - presentArea Convenor of the Systematic and Philosophical Theology Doctoral Area, Graduate Theological Union, Fall Spring
2009 - 2015CDSP Representative on the GTU Library Committee, Fall
2012 - presentMember of the Appointments and Review Committee advising the Academic Dean of the Graduate Theological Union
2014 - presentCo-chair, AAR Group Bible, Theology, and Postmodernity
2015 - presentEditorial committee Global Christianity Studies
2015 - presentEditorial committee Norsk missiologisk tidsskrift