Gunn-Ingrid Ulstein

Doctoral Research Fellow

Psychology of Religion

Phone: 22590660
Office: 478D


I'm currently working as a researcher and teacher in "The Psychological study of Religion" at MF, with the Ph.D-project: "Metaphors, Affects and Meaning; A qualitative study of existential meaning-making".

The Ph.d-project is accomplished in collaboration with fellow researchers in Psychology of religion at MF, Norwegian School of Theology, a research group studying change-processes in psychotherapy at The Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, and The "Religion, Experience -and Mind Lab" at The department of Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara.

My academic and professional background is from Psychology, specialized in Clinical Psychology. Since graduating as a clinical psychologist in 2010, I've worked four years at a psychiatric department with dynamic long term therapy for adults(combined group -and individual therapy). Adding some studies and related work-experience in adult- pedagogics/education and organizational psychology. Beginning then in my current position at MF in 2015.


An overview of total production (

Education and professional practice

2010Profesjonsstudiet i Psykologi, UiO, Cand. Psychol., Autorisert Klinisk Psykolog
2010 - 2014Psykolog, Avdeling for personlighetspsykiatri, Oslo Universitetssykehus
2014Kunsthistorie, Verk i Kontekst, 10 stp., UiO
2014Personalledelse HRM, fordypning Arbeids - og Organisasjonspsykologi, 22,5 stp.
2014Voksenpedagogikk, 15 stp.
2014Gruppeanalyse, Grunntrinn, Spesialisering i Psykoterapi, Institutt for Gruppeanalyse (IGA)
2014Sensor, Utviklingspsykologi, Høyskolen i Lillehammer
2015Ph.d-Stipendiat, Religionspsykologi, MF
2015Formidler, Nobels Fredssenter
2015Undervisningsansvarlig/Lærer, Psykologfaglig Forskningsmetode, Folkeuniversitetet Øst


2015Fagerborg Menighetsråd, Den Norske Kirke