Otfried Czaika


Church History

Special fields:

  • Reformation
  • Book History (Middle Ages and Early Modern Time)
  • Lutheranism
  • Migration and Cultural Transfer
  • Religion, Church, State and Constitution
  • Reformation and Congregational Singing
  • Cultural Memory
  • Swedish Theology in the 20th Century
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My research interests lie in the area of reformation studies and cover both reformation in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe and how different territories interacted with each other. I have therefore addressed questions related to migration and cultural transfer, but even worked on academic peregrinations and the transnational bookmarket in North Eastern Europe. Furthermore I have published on both 16th and 19th Century constitutional History in Scandinavia. During the last years I have worked quite extenisvely on the intersections between printing history and hymnology. Last but not least I discuss how reformation is remembered: How is the narrative of the reformation standardised e.g. through the national discourse, heuristic concepts and the periodization of history or bibliographies as works of standard? In conjunction with this my research has even focused on Swedish theology in the 20th Century, especially the Swedish Lutherrenaissance which has been seminal for the description of the reformation.


An overview of total production (cristin.no)

Newest scientific publications

  • (2019). Schwedische Reformationsgeschichte Bd. 1. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. ISBN: 978-3-525-55276-6
  • Czaika, O. (2018). Prolegomena zur frühneuzeitlichen Geschichte Skandinaviens : Zur Periodisierungsdiskussion frühneuzeitlicher Geschichte und Quellenlage. Reformatio Baltica : Kulturwirkungen der Reformation in den Metropolen des Ostseeraums, s. 881 - 906. Walter de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-055825-8
  • Czaika, O. (2018). Metropolen als Vermittler, Förderer und Akteure von Reformation und Konfessionalisierung in Skandinavien und insbesondere im schwedischen Reich. Reformatio Baltica : Kulturwirkungen der Reformation in den Metropolen des Ostseeraums, s. 721 - 734. Walter de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-055825-8
  • Czaika, O. (2018). Dying Unprepared in Early Modern Swedish Funeral Sermons. Dying Prepared in Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe, s. 142 - 159. ISBN: 978-90-04-28489-0
  • Czaika, O. (2017). Gustav Eriksson (Wasa) : Ein König om Spannungsfeld von Unionsauflösung, Staatsbildung und Reformation. Die Reformation: Fürsten - Höfe - Räume, s. 430 - 447. Franz Steiner Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-515-11983-2
  • Czaika, O. (2017). Bildung, Ausbildung und Unterricht während der Reformationszeit. Martin Luther : Ein Christ zwischen Reformen und Moderne (1517–2017). Teilbd. 2, s. 1179 - 1198. Walter de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-050100-1
  • Czaika, O. (2017). Episode II - Then Swenska Psalmeboken 1582: Det andra exemplaret. Hymnologi, 45(1-2), s. 43 - 52. ISSN: 1901-5976
  • Czaika, O. (2017). Vad var reformationen? : Några tankar om brott och kontinuitet i ett jamförande europeiskt perspektiv. Svensk teologisk kvartalskrift, 93(1-2), s. 33 - 52. ISSN: 0039-6761
  • Czaika, O. (2016). The Experience of Female Readers in Sweden around 1600 – Evidence Collected from Funeral Sermons. Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte - Archive for Reformation History, 107(1), s. 242 - 265. ISSN: 0003-9381
  • Czaika, O. (2016). Then Swenska Psalmeboken 1582. Utgåva med inledande kommentar. ISBN: 978-952-5031-77-5

Education and professional practice

19971. Staatsexamen für Lehramt Deutsch/ev. Religionslehre (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
2002Teol. dr (Helsingin yliopisto / University of Helsinki)
2005Docent (Linköpings universitet)


0Universitetslektor (Linköpings universitet)
1992Studier i germanistik og teologi (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitet, München)
1992Lærer ved en privatskole i Kaufbeuren (Tyskland)
1998Doktorgradsstudier (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitet & Helsingin yliopisto)
2007Forsker / Ph. D. Researcher (Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm)
2011Forskningssjef (Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm)