Study permit and visa

Most international students who plan to stay in Norway for more than three months will need a student residence permit. We urge you to carefully read the regulations that applies to you in order to avoid problems and delays during the application process.

For students within the Nordic Countries

If you are Swedish, Danish, Icelandic or Finnish citizen, all you need to do to live in Norway is to report a move to the National Registry. 

For students within EU/EEA/Swiss

Students with EU/EEA citizenship need to register with the Oslo Police if staying for more than 3 months to get a registration certificate. We recommend that you register on the UDI portal after arrival in Oslo. 
In order to recieve a registration certificate you must: 

1. Register at the online UDI application portal 
Create a new user account. You will receive an email to activate your account.
Choose "Go to EU/EEA registration"
Select "Oslo police district, Service Center for foreign workers" when you are asked to choose a police station.
Book an appointment with the Police. 
Make a copy of:
Passport or both sides of your National ID-card
Both sides of the European Health Insurance Card or proof of other private health insurance coverage. Must be valid for the whole period you are staying in Norway.
Print-out of from UDI's self service page that proves that you have registered
Admission letter from MF
Fill out the form "Declaration of funds for EU/EAA/Swiss citizens". This is a written declaration that you have sufficient funds for your period of stay.

Non-EU/EEA citizens

Students from outside the EU/ EEA must apply for a student residence permit immediately after they have received their Admission letter from MF

Register an application
Register an application for a student residence permit on

MF organization number:  917 387 079
E-mail address:
Address in Norway: Use the address you have at SIO housing if applicable, or the adress you are planning to stay in. 
When asked to send the application to a reference, please choose NO, as this has no relevance to your application.

Documentation of financing
In order to be granted a residence permit/visa to Norway as a non-EU student, UDI requires that you show documentation that you have enough money to live on while studying in Norway. We recommend that you transfer the required amount to the MF deposit account to get a confirmation of sufficient funds. The required amount varies depending on how long and when you are staying:

NOK 116 369 for one year

When you transfer the money to our account, we will be able to document your financial capacity by providing a signed confirmation letter.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. You transfer the money to MF Norwegian School of Theology – please notify the international office at with a copy to the department of economy at: when the transaction has been made.

  2. When the money has been received, we will send you a confirmation letter within 5 working days by e-mail.

  3. Attach the confirmation letter to your visa application together with your admission letter.

  4. Then you will receive an answer from the UDI regarding your visa and student residency.

  5. On arrival to Norway you have to meet at the foreign police office in order to effectuate your student residency (more information will be given from the UDI).

  6. Then you have to apply for a Norwegian personal ID-number at the tax office (more information will be given on arrival).

  7. When this is done, you can establish you own bank account and the money can be transferred to it. (Please bring a legal ID and a confirmation of the established account to the department of economy). 

Important information:

  • It might take some time before you receive your personal ID-number (up to 6 weeks after arrival). In the meantime it is possible to take out cash from the MF-account to cover daily expenses. The amount will then be withdrawn from the amount we have received from you. The cash is given out through Cash Cards that has to be withdrawn in a local ATM bank.

  • If your student residency application is rejected, the money received by MF can only be transferred back to the account in which it came from.

Account number:
Please transfer the total amount NOK 116 369 to the following account: 

Account number: 3000.18.99704
Name of the bank: Sparebanken Sør
Address: Postbox 200, 4662 Kristiansand, Norway
IBAN nr: NO6130001899704

Study permits are given for one academic year at a time, and you must therefore apply for study permit each year. A renewed permit is given if the conditions for a residence permit still are fulfilled. Please make sure that your passport is valid until the end of your stay. In addition you must have sufficient progress in your studies. If you use more time than normal, it can be difficult to get a renewed permit. MF will provide you with a statement regarding this, using a specific UDI- form at the end of each academic year (May/June).