Information about the corona situation

The semester will start with attendance on campus in the autumn of 2021. The workout room in the basement is open for booking for students and staff.

Updated 23 August 2021

We work continuously to balance considerations for infection control, responsibility for students to be able to complete their studies on time, and the students' mental health. All measures and decisions follow the advice and guidelines given by the Norwegian authorities.

Students and staff are asked to follow the guidelines given by the National Institute of Public Health and the City of Oslo. The guidelines may change on short notice. Please keep yourself updated on the current guidelines. 

Do you have questions about the start of semester in August? 
Read more here.

Vaccination of students in Oslo

Oslo Municipality is responsible for offering vaccines to those staying in the municipality. We encourage all residents off Oslo to get vaccinated.

More information about the corona vaccine and the vaccination process can also be found on Oslo Municipality's website.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to register for the corona vaccine:

  • Call the Coronavirus helpline on phone 21 80 21 82
  • Press the number for “vaccine"
  • The Coronavirus helpline is available in several languages and also has access to an interpreting service
  • The Coronavirus helpline can put you in touch with your local vaccination centre

Self-tests for Covid-19

Students who spend time at MF campus may pick up afree self-test kit for Covid-19. The kit contains two tests. Register your student card at the reception desk and get your kit. It is a good idea to keep a self-test kit at home at all times so that you can test yourself before you go to MF.

We encourage everyone who is not fully vaccinated to take a test twice a week. 

When should you take the self-test?

  • If you have not taken the vaccine, or it is less than three weeks since your first vaccine dose, you are encouraged by the authorities to test yourself every week, even if you have no symptoms.
  • Everyone else should take a test for suspected infection. You do not need quarantine if the test is negative. (This applies to all fully vaccinated, or it has been three weeks since you received the 1st dose, or you have had Covid 19 for the last six months.)

​Note: A positive self-test must be confirmed/verified by an ordinary test. SiO offers free testing at Blindern and Bislet (OsloMet).

How to take the test.

For more information, see SiO's website.


Teaching takes place on campus.

Please find information regarding your lectures and seminars on Canvas.

Library and reading room

The library and reading room is open. 

Please respect the infection prevention measurements when using the library and reading room.


The workout room at MF

The workout room in the basement at MF is open for booking for students and staff.

  • Due to infection control, all bookings must be made through Canvas (booking is not possible in the Canvas app). You may only make two reservations per week.
    • ​Tuesdays: staff only
    • Wednesdays: students only
    • 07.00-08.00 every morning: staff only
  • Maximum 2 people in the gym at the same time
  • Keep 1-meter distance
  • Wash your hands often and before you go to exercise and touch the equipment.
  • Always wash the equipment and the surrounding area before and after use with antibac.
  • Wear clean training clothes and shoes for inside use.

When shall you not exercise?
If you are in quarantine or have a fever, cough, heavy breathing, sore throat or other symptoms of a respiratory infection, you should not come to the MF / book gym.

Infection tracking
If you have exercised in the gym and subsequently are diagnosed with Covid-19, please contact Beate Pettersen.


Spring semester 2021, all exams will be home-based. This also applies to new and postponed exams in August.

Someone to talk to

Covid-19 affects studies, work, friendship, love and everything else in your life. The Chaplains at MF are available if you want someone to talk to. You can talk with them about everything that life holds, even its challenges and problems. They have a duty of confidentiality and are happy to meet you.

You may also contact SiO Health.