Information about the corona situation

MF campus is open for students. From 1 March some teaching will be held at MF. 

Updated 28 February 2021

We work continuously to balance considerations for infection control, responsibility for students to be able to complete their studies on time, and the students' mental health. All measures and decisions follow the advice and guidelines given by the Norwegian authorities.

Students and staff are asked to follow the guidelines given by the National Institute of Public Health and the City of Oslo. The guidelines may change on short notice. Please keep yourself updated on the current guidelines. 

Do you have questions about your study situation? 
Contact the student reception:
Tel: (+47) 22 59 06 24


Week 9-11:

The schedule for these three weeks has been updated. Some teaching will now be held physically at MF. All teaching, including that which takes place on campus, will be available digitally. For lectures, this normally means hybrid solutions, where campus teaching is transmitted in real-time on zoom. The total number of activities on campus is relatively low to prevent many people from attending MF at the same time.

Please find information regarding your lectures and seminars on Canvas.

Library and reading room

The library and reading room is open. 

Please respect the infection prevention measurements when using the library and reading room.



Spring semester 2021, all exams will be home-based. Course descriptions will be updated shortly.

Someone to talk to

Covid-19 affects studies, work, friendship, love and everything else in your life. The Chaplains at MF are available if you want someone to talk to. You can talk with them about everything that life holds, even its challenges and problems. They have a duty of confidentiality and are happy to meet you.

You may also contact SiO Health.