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MF CASR Lunch with Brent Nongbri and Liv Ingeborg Lied

Working with Manuscripts: A Guide


05.10.2021 - 11:30
Brent Nongbri
Liv Ingeborg Lied

Please join us for this MF CASR Lunch in person at the MF Library, or watch on Zoom.  (Click here for the Zoom link.)

Zoom Meeting ID: 641 0559 5003
Passcode: MFCASR

Due to the material turn in the humanities and the increasing attention to manuscript materiality in textual scholarship, many students and scholars of ancient texts now find themselves in a somewhat awkward position: they were never trained to work with manuscripts. In this talk we present our new book project, "Working with Manuscripts: A Guide," under contract with Yale University Press. Drawing on our own experiences (and mistakes), we aim to put together a practical guide to manuscript work that also takes seriously the ethical challenges and legal requirements of working with manuscripts.