Jerusalem in Medieval Scandinavia: Kings, Crusaders, and Monastic Orders


24.04.2017 - 10:00

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Tønsberg, Vestfold, 24—26 April, 2017

Conference program 

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Monday 24 April (Venue: Haugar museum, Gråbrødregt. 17)

10.00 Welcome

Session 1: Jerusalem in Scandinavia (10.15-12.00)

Kristin Aavitsland (Norwegian School of Theology): Jerusalem in medieval Scandinavia

Kurt Villads Jensen (Stockholm University): Sacralization of Landscape in Twelfth-Century Scandinavia

Line M. Bonde (Norwegian School of Theology): Jerusalem Commonplaces in Danish Romanesque Churches


Session 2: The round church of St. Olav in Tønsberg (13.00-14.30)

Øivind Lunde (Prof. em., Trondheim): The Archaeology of the Round Church in Tønsberg

Jes Wienberg (Lund University): Jerusalem in Viken – Round Churches and Storytelling​

Øystein Ekroll (Nidaros Domkirkes restaureringsarbeider): The Round Church of St Olav in Tønsberg – the Link between Jerusalem and Nidaros

Coffee break

Session 3: The round church in Tønsberg in a European Context (15.00-16.30)

Catherine E. Hundley (University of Virginia): The Chronology, Consistency, and Communities of the English Round Church Movement

Kerstin Markus (University of Tallinn): The Holy City of Bishop Bengt (c.1160 – c.1190): Interpreting the Round Churches in Västergötland, Sweden

Bjørn Bandlien (University College of Southeast Norway): The Premonstratensians of St. Olav’s Abbey in a European Context

Short guided walk in medieval Tønsberg


Tuesday 25 April (Venue: Midgard Historical Centre, Borre)

Departure from the hotel 8.30

Session 4: Hospitallers in Northwest Europe (9.00-11.00)

Helen Nicholson (University of Cardiff): The Picture across the Water: The Foundation of Military Order Houses in Britain and Ireland in the Twelfth Century

Christer Carlsson (independent scholar): Archaeology of the Hospitallers in Scandinavia

Trond Svandal (independent scholar): The Hospitallers at Værne

​Kjartan Hauglid (University of Oslo): Architecture as Bearer of Meaning - The Romanesque Church at Rygge

Lunch and guided tour at Borre Church and Borre viking site

Excursion to Varna Abbey and Rygge Church

Conference Dinner, Tønsberg

Wednesday 26 April (Venue: Slottsfjellmuseet, Farmannsveien 30)

Session 5: Scandinavia and pilgrimage I (09.00-10.15)

Denys Pringle (University of Cardiff): Scandinavian Pilgrims and the Churches of the Holy Land in the 12th and 13th Centuries

Yvonne Friedman (Bar-Ilan University): Frankish Jerusalem as a Pilgrimage Center: Historical, Archaeological and Social Aspect

Coffee Break

Session 6: Scandinavia and pilgrimage II (10.30-11.30)

Mia Münster-Swendsen (Roskilde University): Archbishop Eskil Goes to Jerusalem: Tracing a Physical and Spiritual Journey

Lukas Raupp (Universität Heidelberg): The Cross of Tønsberg, and other Cross Reliquaries in medieval Scandinavia


Guided tour at Slottsfjellmuseet, Tønsberg

Session 7: Norway and crusades in the twelfth century (13.30-15.00)

Karen Skovgaard-Petersen (Det Danske Sprog-  og Literatur Selskab): A failed crusade? - The Danish-Norwegian Crusade Account Historia de Profectione Danorum in Hierosolymam (c. 1200)

Janus Møller Jensen (Nyborg Castle): Sigurd the Crusader of Norway (1103–1130) and his Crusades after his Crusade

Pål Berg Svenungsen (University of Bergen): The Saint and the Wry-neck – Norse crusaders and the Second Crusade

15.00 Close of conference, departures

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