Bringing Lovisenberg to America.

Prof. em. Gracia Grindal:

Bringing Lovisenberg to America. Elisabeth Fedde (1850-1921) and the Norwegian Deaconess Movement in America.


13.10.2014 - 14:15 to 15:15

Welcome to the open guest lecture

MF, auditorium 4, monday october 13th, 14:15-15:15h.

Gracia Grindal is professor emeritus of rhetoric at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.

In the intersection between theology, culture and psalms she has particularly researched the lives of immigrant women in the 1800's who emigrated from Norway to America. Recently, she published a book about one of them, the feminist and distinctive deaconess Elisabeth Fedde from Feda in Kvinesdal, graduated as a deaconess at Lovisenberg in Christiania. She arrived at the norwegian emigrant community in America in 1883, where as the first deaconess she immediately went into work for the many sick and poor in the norwegian colony. Her efforts had lasting effects. During her 13 years in America she founded several hospitals with deaconess home for the education of women who wanted to dedicate their lives to the church's diaconal ministry and nursing.

The lecture focuses on her life and effort as a deaconess, institution developer and feminist woman in the norwegian America and a male-dominated church. It is not only a contribution to the diaconate history, but also to women's history, norwegian-american church history and transnational studies.

Gracia Grindal has written several books on immigrant women's lives and work in the norwegian-american Lutheran church. Preaching from Home. The Stories of Seven Lutheran Women Hymn Writers (2011), about the psalms' purpose to minister wives and daughters priest, Linka’s Diary. A Norwegian Immigrant Story (2008), about the pastor's wife Linka Preus and her work, Thea Rønning. Young Woman on a Mission (2012), about the norwegian emigrates who based in the norwegian America devoted their lives to the mission among women in China. The book about Elisabeth Fedde, which has been recently published, will be sold after the lecture.