American Religion

American Religion: Religion and Politics in USA today

Welcome to a public event on religion and politics in the current public discourse in the United States.


03.09.2018 - 19:30 to 21:00

The House of Literature in Oslo


In 2008, Barack Obama won the presidential election the USA. He thereby ended the dominance of a republican presidency backed up by a broad support among Evangelical Christians and the Christian right. George W. Bush had united republican voters in his fight against the 'axis of evil', and made us of biblical imagery when he described the USA as a 'city on a hill'. Obama made history when he was elected as the first afri-american president in the history of the USA, campaigning with the message 'change we can believe in'. He was supported by democratic Christians who remembered the legacy of the Christian heroes of the civil rights movements.

Despite the significant expectations surrounding Obama's presidency, the election of Donald Trump changed everything. Trump has so far managed to gain relatively broad support from evangelicals. But what has really changed since 2008? Which religious groups actually supported Trump, and what did they whant? Is Trump a new champion of the Christian right? And what sort of religious vision of American is he projecting?

The panel:
Elizabeth Bruenig, religion columnist at The Washington Post.
Geir Lundestad, an academic historian and former director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute.
Hilde Løvdal Stephens,  a researcher on the American Christian Right.
Sturla Stålsett, professor of diaconal studies, religion and society at MF.

Ragnar Misje Bergem, a postdoctoral fellow at MF, will lead the discussion.

In cooperation with European Academy on Religion and Society (EARS)