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SAM5145: Religions Facing the Global Ecological Challenges

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Emneansvarlig:Gunnar Harald Heiene (Gunnar.Heiene@mf.no)
Studieprogramtilhørighet:2-årige masterprogrammer - Religion, Society and Global Issues
2-årige masterprogrammer - Teologi
Avdelingstilhørighet:Avdelingsråd for religion og samfunn
Tillatte hj.midler ved eksamen:Ingen

Generell informasjon

Religious traditions have become increasingly engaged in addressing the serious ecological challenges that humanity presently is facing. The active reflection within and among different churches and traditions worldwide is accompanied by practices and political activism, and mirror a wide variety of approaches and patterns of understanding. The present elective aims at deepening the understanding of how different religious traditions, especially Christianity, presently relates to and interpret these challenges. Moreover, it addresses the different problems and difficulties these religious traditions face when they address problems which have hitherto not been dealt with, or previously identified as important.
Required knowledge: Students who are not enrolled in the Master Programme Religion, Society and Global Issues, should have equivalent background.


To complete the course, the student have to:
  • Write a book report 1200-2000 words from a limited part of the course syllabus. The topic of the report is selected in cooperation with the professor and is graded pass/fail.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the curriculum, if such evaluation is stipulated in the relevant term
When course requirements are not fulfilled this will count as one examination attempt, unless you withdraw within the set deadline (1 May/ 1 November).
In semesters when the course is not taught, the students are not expected to write a book report.  

Avsluttende vurdering

To gain credit for the course SAM5145 the student must fulfill all the requirements and pass the written exam (6 hours). The exam is assessed with grades A-F.
In semesters when the course is not taught, the students must write an essay (5500-6000 words) on a topic given by the professor. The essay is assessed with grades (A-F).

Læringsutbytte etter fullført emne

The study of how religious traditions respond to ecological challenges addresses both moral topics and topics related to the understanding of humanity and world-views that are of relevance when dealing with these issues.
The students will demonstrate the following skills:
  • To understand the conditions and the problems related to how religious traditions engage with and respond to ecological challenges, by studying contextual samples
  • To discuss critically how it is possible to offer a theological warrant for addressing ecological issues
  • To demonstrate knowledge of different theories of environmental ethics
  • To understand and debate how religious traditions and churches in the present relate to ecological issues in theory and practice.


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