12. December

14:00 - Opening: v/Fredrik Saxegaard
                Presentation of participants

14:45 - Coffee break

15:15 - Introduction: The status of higher education of ordained ministry in the Nordic churches, and reflections on the role of theology in cross-disciplinary academic and professional contexts. Introductions on the status of theological education from the different Nordic countries. Roundtable discussions. Panelists: Ulla Morre Bidstrup (DK), Sivert Angel (N), Sini Hulmi (SF), Kenneth Nordgren (S)

17:15 - Coffee break

17:30 - Presentation of two research projects:
               SPOR and PLP (Pastoral Learning in Practice(s)

In this session, two ongoing projects are presented that research the boundary areas of professional education.
SPOR investigates motivation for, and recruitment to, church education and ordained ministry - Astrid Sandsmark
PLP: Pastoral Learning in Practice(s) investigates professional learning processes of recently graduated pastors in the Scandinavian countries during their first three years of ministry - Kirsten Donskov Felter (DK), Jonas Ideström (S), Tone Stangeland Kaufman (N)

18:30 - Dinner

After dinner: time to socialize - feel free to ask a native for good tips!

13. December

08:45 - Coffee

09:00 - Key note: Collaborative practices for university teachers - obstacles and potentialities - Anne Line Wittek.
 For the key note abstract see:

10:45 - Coffee break

11:00 - Educating for ministry in a secular age - Halvard Johannessen

12.00 - Business meeting

13:00 - Lunch