Madrasa in the old city of Fez

Photo: Madrasa in the old city of Fez, Morocco (Sami Al-Daghistani)

Critical Islamic Studies

Reseach Group and Online Consortium


For more information, please contact Sami Al Daghistani.

The research group functions as an academic research unit at the MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society on Islamic intellectual history and ethics, particularly on Islamic environmental and economic thought, in order to expand and deepen both historical and modern research on pertinent topics. It will engage in a deep/critical reading of both Arabic and non-Arabic texts on specific themes, in order to interrogate the nature and boundaries of the field of Islamic studies, as well as to deconstruct hegemonic discourses and historical processes of Eurocentrism that paint a partial and/or biased picture of Islam and the Muslim world. It is devised as a platform to further implement current research on Islamic studies at MF and more broadly in Oslo, as well as to seek external funding opportunities and collaboration.


Part of the initiative is also the online consortium of webinars entitled “Critical Islamic Studies Lecture Series” hosted by the group leader at the MF's Center for Advanced Study of Religion (MF CASR), in order to discuss book projects and new research by international scholars in studies of Islam, the Middle East and/or South (East) Asia. The webinars, being interdisciplinary in nature, are open to the public, and are meant to facilitate critical discussions on epistemological, conceptual, methodological, and/or ethical predicaments in respected fields. The primary audience of these programs are those interested in Islamic studies, Religious Studies and/or Area Studies more broadly.

Past Webinars:

4 October, 2021: Wael Hallaq on Reforming Modernity


The research group and online consortium is hosted by Sami Al-Daghistani. Sami is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society, an Associate Faculty member at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research in New York, and a Research Scholar in the Middle East Institute at Columbia University.


Members at MF:

Amund Bjorsnes (PHI)
Christian Bull (MF)
Hege Cathrine Finholt (MF)
Matthew Phillip Monger (MF)

External Members:

Omar Anchassi (University of Exeter)
Kristin Soraya Batmanghelichi (University of Oslo)
Safet Bektovic (TF, University of Oslo)
Nora Sunniva Eggen (TF, University of Oslo) 
Erik Hovden (University of Bergen)
Rajbir Judge (University of California, Long Beach)
Mahmood Kooriadathodi (Leiden/Ashoka University)
Monika Lindbekk (University of Bergen)
Christian Mauder (University of Bergen)

Joakim Parslow (Oslo, independent researcher)
Amina Selimović (TF, University of Oslo)
Erik Skare (CERI, Sciences Po)

Knut Vikør (University of Bergen)


Partners include the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages and the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo, as well the Center for the Study of Muslim Societies at Columbia University.