Jesse Ophoff



Faglige kompetanseområder:

  • Senantikken
  • Kristendomshistorie
  • Materialkultur
  • Latinske tekster
  • Kunsthistorie
Telefon: 22590647
Kontor: 370C


I am a Doctoral Research Fellow (or Stipendiat) here at MF. My work focuses on Christianity in Late Antiquity, especially in the Latin West. My approach is interdisciplinary, focusing on the intersecting ideas communicated through texts, manuscripts, and art history. My current project uses all of these disciplines to investigate the use of the term "Gospel" or evangelium in the Latin West from 312 to 596 CE.

Utdanning og praksis

2008 - 2012BA in History and Secondary Education, Colorado Christian University
2015 - 2017MPhil History of Religions, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society


2018 - 2022Doctoral Research Fellow of Church History, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society