Daniela Lucia Rapisarda



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  • Systematisk teologi
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My main expertise is constructive theology. I work theologically-empirically and in an interdisciplinary way at the intersection of theology, religion, and social issues such as peacebuilding, trauma and migration.

My doctoral dissertation is a study of the theology that was developed in Southern Sudan particularly during the second civil war (1983-2005). My main conclusion is that the theology there developed, is a theology of inculturation and liberation. In this respect, I consider my dissertation and the just published book Oaths of Peace a contribution to ongoing debates around African theology. In my doctoral research project I have particularly looked at the role of women in peacebuilding.

Currently I am working on two projects. The first one is about theological and religious resources to address trauma in South Sudan. I define it an inter-contextual theological project as I put in dialogue South Sudanese theological voices and North American feminist trauma theologians. My other project is on postcolonial theology of migration. I analyze migration theology from the observation point of Lampedusa, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, half-way between Africa and Europe.

Nyeste vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Rapisarda, D. L., Steen-Johnsen, T. & Urstad, S. S. (2021). Lived religion and nonreligion among humanitarians in South Sudan. Nordic Journal of Religion and Society, 34(1), s. 17 - 28. ISSN: 0809-7291
  • Rapisarda, D. L. (2021). Teologie africane tra inculturazione e liberazione. Protestantesimo, 1. ISSN: 0033-1767
  • Rapisarda, D. L. (2020). Oaths of Peace : Theology of Peacebuilding in Southern Sudan. Peter Lang Publishing Group. ISBN: 978-1-4331-7244-1
  • Rapisarda, D. L. (2020). Traditional Ritual as a Resource to Address Trauma in the Context of South Sudan. St. Sunniva: Forum for Norsk Kvinnelig Teologforening, (1), s. 18 - 35. ISSN: 0808-2901

Utdanning og praksis

1983 - 1988Classics high school
1986 - 1991Diploma of violin (fifth year)
1990 - 1991Studies in Political sciences, University of Catania
1994 - 1998Masters' in Theology, Waldensian Faculty, Rome
1998 - 1999Studies in Theology, New College, Edinburgh
2000 - 2004Executive Secretary, WSCE-Europe
2006 - 2009Coordinator Norwegian Ecumenical Peace Platform, Christian Council of Norway
2009 - 2011Lecturer in New Testament and Systematic Theology at Bishop Gwynne College, Juba, South Sudan
2011 - 2013Visiting lecturer at Bishop Gwynne College, Juba, South Sudan
2012 - 2018PhD student, MF-Norwegian School of theology, religion and society, Oslo
2017 - 2018Adviser at the Council for faith and life stances communities (STL), Norway
2018 - d.d.Postodctoral fellow in constructive theology at MF-Norwegian School of theology, religion and society
2021 - d.d.Theological advisor Christian Council of Norway / Norges Kristine Råd


1987 - 1989Voluntary worker at the Information Centre against Mafia, Catania
1994 - 1998Member of the Young Women's Network, World Council of Churches
1994 - 1996Member of the Women and Gender Working Group, WSCF-Europe
1996 - 1998Member of the international planning group WCC Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women Festival
2001 - 2003Youth Advisor for the XII Conference of European Churches Assembly
2005 - d.d.Member of the European Society of Women in Theological Research
2017 - 2019Board member of the Norwegian Women Theologians Association (NKTF)
2017 - d.d.Member of the Support Group on South Sudan, Lilleborg Church, Oslo
2017 - d.d.Member of the Norwegian Women Theologians Association (NKTF)
2019 - 2021Member of the editorial board of St. Sunniva, journal of feminist theology
2021 - d.d.Coordinator Norwegian branch - European Society of Women in Theological Research