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Pastoral care and spiritual guidance
In pastoral care you can talk about anything you wish. For example everyday experiences that are difficult. Faith, doubt, God, prayer.

The student experience – what should I become?
Whatever is on your mind is important enough! In spiritual guidance, your relationship to God has a special focus. How is it to pray? What do you want from God now? Who is God for you? What does he want for you now? These and similar questions are what spiritual guidance is all about. Both pastoral care and spiritual guidance can be paths to the Source!

Do you miss anything?
We can come together in many different ways to share God’s words, celebrate communion, sing and pray. Here you can see the gatherings we have at MF. However: Please come to the student chaplains and tell us your praise and your complaints concerning the chapel service! AND: If some of you want to arrange gatherings in the Chapel on the ground floor on your own, please contact the student chaplains, as they co-ordinate the chapel timetable.

Elin Lunde:
Tore Schwartz Olsen:

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Welcome to the different paths to the same source. We wish you all a good semester.

Elin and Tore

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