Documentation of financing

Applicants who are not EU/EEA or Swiss nationals must document that they can finance their stay in Norway.

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Applicants who do not provide satisfactory documentary evidence of financing will be rejected regardless of academic qualifications.

Required amount
The Norwegian Immigration Authorities require that students can provide a minimum of NOK 92 500 (approx. 11 600 EUR) for one year. This is the minimum amount of money required to cover living expenses for one academic year in Norway and should be documented by enclosing a recent bank transcript with your application. Students applying for a 15-months Master's Degree programme are required to show possession of NOK 136 200 (approx. 17 500 EUR).

Sponsor guarantee
Many students depend on a sponsor to enable them to complete their education. If you have a sponsor MF will ask for a letter included in the application form from the sponsor(s) that they are willing to transfer the whole sum of NOK 92 500 if/when you are admitted, in addition to the bank transcript.

The procedure the sponsor must be aware of is as follows:
• Master applicants: 
If the student does not have a personal bank account with minimum 92 500 NOK (currently approx. 11 600 EUR) the sponsor must provide a letter of agreement, as well as a bank statement showing that the sum will be available. Or the student can transfer the amount to a temporary account provided by MF, until the student gets its own account. MF will then state a letter that certify the amount.

• If/when admission is granted:
Students who are granted admission must immediately apply for a resident permit for study purposes. This will not be processed before the whole sum of NOK 90 800 is paid to the deposit account.

It is urgent that your sponsor is aware that this sum must be available as soon as the applicant is admitted.

Tuition fees
There are no tuition fees at MF.

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