MF-students: Frequently asked questions

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Semester fee
MF is a private school and reserves the right to charge a little more than the public universities. Currently the fee per semester is NOK 1750.-. NOK 800.- go directly to SiO, The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo, SiO. The remaining money is used exclusively for student welfare at MF.

Exchange students coming through such programmes as ERASMUS and Nordplus pay their semester fee to their home institution and not to MF. According to the exchange program agreement, they will enjoy the same rights as the national students during their stay in Norway. Self-financing students (free movers) have to pay the full semester fee just like the Norwegian students. 

What is “Studweb”?
This is a word used a lot at MF. Studweb is a web application allowing students to register their current address etc, plus sign up for courses and exams through the internet. To access the system you are required to have a Norwegian identification number, so until you have received this number you will have to sign up for courses and exams on paper forms.
Once you have your id-number, you can log on to studweb with that number and the PIN code written on your giro and semestercard. Choose English if it is not already the default language upon log-in. All international students, and our quota students in particular, are welcome to continue to sign up for courses at the student reception.

Where do I sign up for classes and exams?
The student office is located on the third floor and registration forms are available at the beginning of each semester. Please note that the registration period is rather short, usually no more than 2 weeks after the semester started.

What is “Fronter”?
It is an electronic teaching tool to ease communication between teacher and student. It is internet-based and can be used from any computer connected to the internet. Every class taught a particular semester has a “room” in Fronter, and you can access it with your user-id and password (see “password” for more details). There you will find information concerning classes, any changes that have been made in time or place of a class and other useful information. You are required to check this room regularly since it is the only way we can communicate with all our students in an efficient way.


Every student will receive a user-id and password for using the computers at MF, plus access Fronter. In addition, you get your own email account on our mailserver. All this is generated as soon as you are accepted as a student at MF and have paid your semester fee. Feel free to change the password to something you can remember!

Where do I get my password?
The student reception on the third floor will print out your user-id and password. You then have to log on to the site indicated on the sheet of paper and read the terms of use of computer services at MF. After you have confirmed your agreement, your account will be activated within 20 minutes. You are then free to use any public computer at MF and your email account according to MFs terms. 

Important Information!
Information of any kind regarding school and classes is posted on Fronter and occasionally sent by email. You must read Fronter as often as you can to be sure that you are informed about classes that have been moved, papers that are due and other important information. 

An exam can have different forms. Sometimes you only have one written exam lasting several hours, other times you will need to hand in several papers in the course of the semester before you are allowed to take a written exam in the end. You need to check the course description for all requirements to pass a particular course. The form of examination may vary depending on whether or not the course is taught that particular semester or not.

Generally, you can only take exams in the courses taught a particular semester. Our homepage will provide you with an overview over all courses taught and a timetable.

Check out the time table in English.  You can now chose “Type” – which will usually be “Emne”, meaning “course”, and then you type the course you are looking for in the space for “navn/name”. So, click on Søk and you will get the results of your search underneath. You can now click on the plus-symbol in front of the course name and the course will now also appear on the right side of the page. You can continue this process until you have all your classes on the right side, and then choose the weeks you want to have an overview over, and then “Tekstformat”. You will now see all your courses put together in an easy-to-print text format. Alternatively you can click on “Grafisk format” and see your courses in a weekly time table.

Student ID-card
All students who have paid their SiO-fee to MF can fetch their student ID-card at MF. You must have paid your semester fee and be registered for the current semester. We recommend that you pay as soon as possible since this ID card also functions as your library card. The cards are issued at the "kortsenter" on the first floor (inside the library). Check Fronter for the opening hours.

After you have registered for courses, you will also receive a “receipt” which will be your documentation for being a registered student this semester. It is first and foremost this piece of paper you will need to get discounts at the various places in Oslo. The receipt is either given to you upon registration or sent to your registered semester address.

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