Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Through knowledge of religion and culture, we can understand how a society works and what values it is based on.


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“Social Sciences” is a generic term for subjects such as sociology, political science, anthropology, human geography and economics. The social sciences analyse the current trends in society from various vantage points. They reveal how the overall trends such as globalisation, migration, and policies affect domestic relations and help to shape our lives. The social sciences ground their insights on an academic/theoretical basis that is brought to light through empirical research.

The purpose of this programme is to present current knowledge about society and societal development, as found in the various social sciences.

The courses and instruction emphasise how general developments influence religious, cultural and moral aspects of society. In this study you will learn more about:

  • Theories and methods of the social sciences
  • Multicultural Norway
  • Religion and Society
  • The welfare state and citizenship
  • International politics

This programme can be included in a bachelor's degree in Religion, Culture and Society, which has three different areas of specialisation. One can also build toward a master's degree in Religion, Society and Global Issues.

As part of a teacher's education program, this study provides teaching qualification for social science in schools. One can also apply for jobs within churches, businesses, and government.

This study programme does not have an English description. Please go to the Norwegian version of this page for the Norwegian description!