New/deferred exams

Sick during the exam? Or failed an exam?

Access to new and deferred exams

  • If you have a valid reason for absence during an ordinary exam, you have the right to a postponed exam. Illness, funerals, or concurrent examination dates at MF normally count as valid reasons for absence. However, you must provide documentation for that to apply. See Illness and absence.
  • If you have failed a regular exam, or have withdrawed during a written exam or a home exam, you have the right to another attempt, as stated in the rules of Deferred Regulations for exams §6, unless otherwise specified in the course description for that subject. Please note that it is not possible to withdraw during an examination if the exam form is submission of an essay or a portfolio.
  • If you do not show up for the the exam you will not be entitled to a new examination.
  • If due to studies abroad, or deferred internship, you have not been able to attend the regular exam, you can sign up for a deferred exam.
  • If you do not complete, or pass, the new or deferred exam, you are not entitled to take the course again until the next ordinary exam. This also applies to students that have a valid reason for absence for new or deferred exams.
  • In order to improve grades on a course in which you already have passed, you have to subscribe for the next ordinary exam. Note that this will cost additional NOK 1500,- 


How to register for new/deferred exams

You must sign up for new/deferred exams on StudentWeb. You cannot register before the exam result is announced in StudentWeb. This is also the case if you have valid absence from exam.

  • Log on to Studentweb and choose the tab «Results».
  • Klick the button «Resit course» to the right of the relevant course. A new window opens.
  • Step 1 Classes, click the button «Do not wish to sign up for class» (seeing as you are only taking the exam).
  • Step 2 Exam, Choose the exam in question from the list (06/12 kont).
  • Click the button «Finalize».

It is also possible to register through the tab «My active courses». Choose the right course from the list or by looking it up in the search field.

If you have problems, you must contact the student reception so that you get it worked out within the deadline.


New/deferred exams Autumn semester 2017

  • The deadline for signing up for new and deferred exams is Monday January 8th.
  • Written exams will be arranged between January 15th and January 22nd.
  • Home exams will be arranged between January 15th and January 23nd.
  • The submission deadline of individual written assignments will be Monday January 22nd before 12.00 (except TEOL1811: Deadline March 15)
  • Dates for oral exams will be announced as soon as possible.

Exact exam dates are available in the course catalogue.