Are you considering a career in research? The doctoral program is an opportunity for those who want to further their studies after completing a master’s degree.


A Cand.Theol or a Master’s degree within a relevant subject area is necessary in order to get admission. In addition all applicants have to submit a good project description for a PhD thesis, the scheduled time-frame of completion and how to finance the studies.  

A PhD in Norway normally takes 3 years full time/ 6 years part time (180 ECTS). The assessment will be a trial lecture and a public defense of the PhD thesis.

Application form:
Use this form when applying for PhD studies



A PhD qualifies you for teaching at college/university level, research activities, and other work where there are high standards of scholarly insight, skill, and well developed analytical thinking.

MF Norwegian School of Theology offers Doctoral Programmes (PhD) in:

  • Theology
  • Religious Education / Religious Studies

A PhD in Norway normally takes 3 years full time/ 6 years part time (180 ECTS).

Admission requirements
In order to be admitted to MF’s Doctoral Program, the applicant must have completed a five year master’s program in Theology, Religious Studies, Religious Education or their equivalent.

Does MF offer financial assistance to international students?
MF does not offer any scholarships. All international students must arrive in Oslo with adequate funding to pay for student fees, registration fees, accommodation, and other living expenses. Apart from a relatively small student fee/ registration fee there is no tuition fee to study at MF.

The application for admission to the doctoral program shall contain:

  • A project proposal for the thesis
  • A detailed plan for completion of the project, including interim deadlines, etc.
  • An account of project funding
  • An account of the need for academic supervision and the name(s) of proposed supervisor(s)
  • Any relevant plans for extended stays at other research institutions
  • A plan for publication/dissemination of results
  • Documentation of educational background that qualifies for admission

PhD-Coordinator, Dr.Theol. Nils Aksel Røsæg
P: +47 22 59 05 53

Research Schools
MF hosts an interdisciplinary research school for PhD students working in the field of Religion and Society, The Research School Religion Values Society (RVS) as well as participate in the Research School Authoritative Texts and their Reception: National Research School in Textual Interpretation (ATTR). Participants in the research school are offered a course where distinguished scholars who have done research in various relevant topics participate, and where a main aim is to build networks between senior researchers and Ph.D. students. The research school arranges an annual one-week summer school in Lesbos, Greece. See more information about these two research schools here.


Fields of Research/Disciplines
MF’s research is centred in the fields of Theology, and Religion and Society, including disciplines such as:

  • The Old Testament (OT)
  • The New Testament (NT)
  • Church and Cultural History
  • Systematic Theology
  • Ecumenism
  • Ethics
  • Practical Theology
  • Diakonia
  • Religious Education
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Psychology of Religion
  • Social Sciences
  • Missiology

The PhD programme at MF is also open to applicants from other universities and colleges in Norway and abroad.

Research activities at the Norwegian School of Theology