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MF CASR aims to be a leading research environment and network hub for scholars of religion.

Justin Bieber and the beliebers

Can we find religious characteristics in the relationship between a celebrity and his or her fans? Yes we can, according to a newly published article by Peter Ward. 

Mario Aletti, Kenneth Pargament, Gry Stålsett og Lars Johan Danbolt at the conference at Hamar 2017

– The core of research within psychology of religion has moved from Sweden to Norway, says Associate Professor Gry Stålsett.


Sturla Stålsett launches a new book that addresses how religion interacts with and against globalization.


MF has received funding for a cooperation project with Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT).


Belief in the god Yahweh was far more diverse after the Babylonian exile than previously thought


Prof. Atle O. Søvik's new book on free will challenge neuroscientists and philosophers.


For the first time MF students participated in an excavation project in Croatia.